Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Statue of the week-Wraith and a big day...

So let's start out w/ the statue of the week! ( Thanks to Kieran Stormcaller, who lended me the Wraith to show ):
Many go and farm for it from Grubb in Sunken City, but often no luck. I've tried for it 10 times myself :-P. It's a bit of a collectors item, so yea. I'd say the drop rates go around 8% more or less. And now, we have my packed day for you. First of all, hey, I guaranteed a victory over Estrakir, and I keep my promises

The classic "Bug being squished" look on his face. GAH! And my helpers say hi:

Thank you to: Kieran Stormcaller ( Stormforged Kitties ), Blaze Silverfist ( Awesome Sauce-erer ) and Ben Fairydust ( The Spirit Keep ) oh, and Malorn W.S. ( Sorcerer of the Spiral ) who helped in my failed run yesterday.
Incidentally, Ben said "Hey, ladies" but I may have been a second too early, xD.
I have a couple "IN YO FACE ESTRAKIR" photos as well:
Just before his defeat...
And look what I got! Yay! *GOLD VALUE*
So everyone except Estrakir respawned, and we did that for fun. No loot though :-P
For the "In Yo face Estrakir" part, I stood right where he died, and... danced. :D
Don't ask why I posted that.
Now I have a small "Wayfinder hat guide" here. How to make the most money off one
If I sold my one I bought from the Bazaar, I would have gotten this...
Look how much the difference is depending on the dye color, the one I got was Light/Dark purple=8666 gold. Here's the moneymaking part...
Ok, use 5366 gold ( sigh, it's math time ) Now we lose 5366, making our profit ( 8666-5366 ) a bit less, -3300. Now after dyeing it black, we sell and...
Take 5366 from 17011 and you get: 12765. So we just made a quick amount of gold via dyeing the hat black. Now to figure out the profit we made instead of just selling it when it was purple: 12765-8666=4099. We got 4,099 extra gold! So there's a guide for Wayfinder hat-dropping. Always dye it all black. I tried this with the Boots, but I didn't get any profit at all, not enough. Just with the hat, and maybe the robe, I haven't gotten that but has anyone tried this with the robe? It could bring a profit by dyeing.
Since I had enough gold to hatch now, I did it w/myself. Well, my alt Andrew's Collosus and Lord Spike, anyways I failed again for the 4th straight time :-P
To end the night off, we have some RR#22 Party pics, they did end up with time for an afterparty after all :)
Leesha took out her new Storm wiz, Rainheart, and so she accepted many friend requests on that wiz ( including me :-P ) And the Digby you see on the corner is the infamous fabricated american, Ditto who defeated Skellek in his "Daring adventures" tonight.
In the middle of Malorn's "wing train"
And, just some random ones...
Kieran made us go swimming >_<.
My little Skeletal Pirate and Fire Serpent hatched :). 'Madame Honey' has a little bug like a few other kinds of pets with their name really high in the air
I was trying out the sinking into Celestia-via the Commons lake by jumping up and down :-P. I got stuck in this pose for some reason, look how close the sword is to my face
And I couldn't put my mount on while in that pose, claiming I was still jumping.
The maintenance is going on right now, and were all crossing are fingers that it's the slim chance of Celestia too. Sorry for the really long post, I said it was a big day after all :). ( Wow, fingers hurt, I expect some comments from this ;) )
Happy Farming!


  1. Yeah, Yesterday was pretty fun! I've got to try dying the Wayfinder Gear before I sell, could really use the money. Let me know when you're up for another Warehouse run.

  2. Yeah, I'd be happy to do it again. I had a great time with you yesterday. So glad I got my hat. Sorry I had to leave early. I was going over David's house.

    Link to my blog is right here:

    Thanks again :)


  3. Np, since that was my first big win, I owe more thanks than getting thanks :-P. And @Blaze, there isnt any "www." in the blogspot URL, lol

  4. Wow! Great and long day! And I know Kieran Stormcaller, have him as a friend on my grand fire

  5. I didn't know the wraith statue was so "rare". I got it on my first try from Grubb.

    Good idea dyeing the Wayfinder gear different colors to make money, never thought of that.

    -Jacob Thundersword

  6. I got the wraith drop by accident (Meaning, I wasn't there to farm for it) the other day while running the instance on one of my lower level alts through Sunken City.

    -Kieran Storm; Grandmaster


Have a splendiferous day! :)