Saturday, August 28, 2010


Just reminding everyone that tonight is the 2nd annual Haunted-Back-to-school-bash! Here's the explanation from - Greetings!!! This weekend we are presenting our 2nd Annual Haunted Back-to-School Bash! Last year we had lots of fun in Nightside. This will be an event for everyone to get together after a long summer as we all transition back-to-school. The Spiral changes as our children and friends become busier with academics of another sort and may not have time to be as social. This will give us a chance to reflect on the past few months of playtime and wish the best of luck to those going back to school! Date: Saturday - August 28, 2010Time: 6PM Central/7PM EasternWhere: Nightside, Vampire Realm, Area 1 - It's in the same place as the usual RR afterparties :). Be there! I'll also be attempting Malistaire hopefully at 3:30 PM EST time today, so wish me luck! I have a lot of good treasure card boosts/shields so I could be a victor. Happy Farming! ( next post should be tonight or tomorrow of the party and my fate vs. Malistaire )

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