Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Arlen's adventures - Part 1

Remember the preview? We continue the 1st part of my Fan Fiction tonight! ( And about this time every week ) --- It was a dark and stormy night, Well OK, calm and breezy. "Will you take out the recycling sweetie?" *groan* "OK! Lemme finish the page!" Arlen kept reading Garfield until... "Honey, if you don't come down in the next 10 seconds..." "Ok! Sheesh" As young Arlen took out the recycling, an interesting thing in the sky caught his eye... Slowly, he made out a spiraling cluster of twinkles in the night. "Woah, I can see the Milky way..." he went to get his binoculars. "Funny, I can only see a few stars" He went inside, and forgot the whole thing quickly. That night, he saw something strange approach him *Ahem* the thing coughed, Arlen quickly turned on the light, and saw an old bearded man. "Wuh?!?" "Sorry, young mortal..." "Mortal?" A quick, sharp owl flew in "Hellooo! My name is..." Before the owl said anything, he heard his mother's voice "Wake up, it's 6 o'clock, hurry up and take your bath now" "Huh..." Arlen thought. "Must have been a dream, strange... hey, who used the hot water???" Weeks past, and young Arlen was engrossed in school work and the daily toll was pretty annoying and he had completely forgotten his encounter with the owl and man. One night, in the spring, as he headed from the bus stop in broad daylight... He happened to glance up and see... ( To be continued! ) Heh-heh. Also tonight, some pictures. Today ( and beyond ) I've been on a quest to make the perfect MB house, not too rough, fancy and all. So here's the first pictures of my expensive living room -

My favorite part of the room, there are 2 crowns items ( lucky drops ) the Bubbling cauldron from Wavebringer, and the Wall clock from Jacques. Also, there's the Grand piano, that costs 15,000 gold :/.

Little book-club setting, with punch! :)

The candlelight dining table, for a nice meal.

My big comfy chair/desk corner

Corner with some pictures, and I'm planning to put some more vases around here

My RB Bar/Warehouse. More MB settings may come in, along with more boxes and crates of, well, stuff. It's a little Warehouse :). I've gotten very good reviews from it so far, and it's not even been furnished much yet. ( I only have 5 items outside ) Blaze Stormthief - another wizard101 blogger ( thewordfromstormthief.blogspot.com ) said it was like a palace, but better :-P. So he'll probably include a picture of it in his next post, here's getting some publicity for you Blaze! Speaking of the Warehouse, me, MalornWS, Scarlet Moonflower's life alt Autumn ( twitter and on Diaryofawizard ), and Mackenzie Icerider ( an alt of a life wizard on Twitter ) beat it tonight. 3rd time, my revenge is almost complete! ( I believe I've been defeated by Estrakir 4 or 5 times ) So here's a couple pics:

Estrakir summoning what he loves...

... And Estrakir being wisked away, again ;). This fight was actually a real epic ( isn't it always, though? ) It looked like we were on the brink of dying, as Mackenzie mistakenly played a collossus on the wrong enemy when the rats were still alive ( one rat used scarecrow! O_O ) and so we all, except Mackenzie, had to flee. We got back and Mackenzie got healed, and soon it was easy to believe we were going to win :). I didn't get any Wayfinder gear, but it was good enough just helping and getting some more happiness beating up Estrakir again, xD. A couple things I still hope to achieve though though - 1. Have a winning record v. Estrakir and 2. Win a fight v. Estrakir WITHOUT fleeing once and running back up. To end the night off -
*sigh* Happy Farming!

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  1. Heya. Haven't posted my pics up yet, i fully intend to have a full post on the awesomeness of your house. So, expect me to go all paparazzi on your house. Thanks for the shout out, Bartleby knows i need the publicity :).



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