Thursday, August 19, 2010

All of Tarlac's 40 Gear

I've been farming the Jade Oni, as you may know for the last 2 days and finally got the robe tonight! ( sorry Kieran ) so here's the pic:

The only thing missing is the Athame and Deck but I have the Runewarden's deck on which is just as good IMO :). So it's back to questing Tarlac past Mooshu for a bit ( If you're wondering where the gear is from, the hat is from Oyotomi, robe from Jade Oni and Boots from Plague Oni ) Wandcast #10 was tonight too, I went to the wrong site for the first 15 minutes xD. Lastly, I got a Scarecrow card from the Jade Oni (!) so I now have 2 of them. Therefore, I'm changing the contest prizes so they are even better. The 1st place prize remains the same - 2nd place: Scarecrow, Spirit Armor - 3rd place: 3 Ninja Pigs, Seraph, 5 Toughs - 4th place: Skeletal Pirate, Vampire - 5th place: Banshee, Reshuffle. And EVERY person who enters will recieve something, no matter what, all you have to do is write a 100+ letters rhyme about Celestia and e-mail me and I'll judge. I'll probably trade the cards from Mycin to Arlen too so you'll have to add Arlen to recieve prizes. Oh yea, I also finally came through with that stubborn Life Banshee
Hehe :). Happy Farming!

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  1. Ha, I farmed this for two days straight with my roomie, and he got the pet three times before I finally got mine. Congrats!


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