Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Bad/Good news

Good news-Bad news time. It's leaning a little toward the bad but still...
BAD: - A Comedy Theurgist, Cassandra Lifecaster, is leaving the game for school reasons. At least for awhile :/ Bye!
- My computer overheated and shut down just before Stoker #2 in Ken Park >_<. Earlier, after beating the boss before Stoker #1, I had to get some health and it didn't let me port back "Full Dungeon." The best thing I got from these runs were a Tin Can and an Angled Gravemarker *sigh* Seraph still eludes me :-P
- School starts in a week and a half. That means, a lot less blogging and play-time. I'm thinking between 4:30-6:30 and maybe a little time later in the night for playing. I HAVE worked out a
schedule so I can still pet-train in the morning: Get up at 6AM, Take bath ( showers are overrated, lol ) 6:15: Pet train, takes 20 minutes. 6:40: Get ready for school, eat breakfast and still have a little time. 7:15: Catch the bus *rolls eyes*. Thanks to Mythspent Youth, who's given me a little inspiration for school. Read her tips at:
- I still don't have the Life Banshee pet after farming another hour last night :-P
GOOD: - Cassandra's going-away party was awesome
- I now have 50 followers on Twitter and *nearly!* a 100 posts on here, yay!
- A good friend gave me a Mega Snack pack :). Thanks!
I was a bit depressed before the Party, but that cheered me up a little. Pictures!

Also some funny Kensington pictures...

lol, ever seen a mechanical spider and a tree? When I played frog it looked like it was squashing the spider too, LOL. Incidentally, there are folks reading this blog right? Say Hi! if you do, I just like comments and there haven't been enough of 'em ;). Happy Farming!


  1. Yea, that's just sad (Cassandra) funny bugs going there... Wizard101.

  2. Hey! Lol, I see my pet goat monk. Honestly people. Who else do you know with an epic goat monk? Petnome will thank me later. ;D


Have a splendiferous day! :)