Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Statue of the week-Collossus, and letter from the producer!

We first have our weekly statue, Collossus! A size comparison:
It's surely a collossus. Now for some info...
Drops from: Prince Gobblerton, Collossus Blvd. Limit 1, No Auction.
And also today, we have another Celestia sneak peek from the producer of w101!
Leah Ruben, aka Prof. Dalia Falmea:
...Let's talk about Celestia. If you've been hiding under a rock, let me fill you in - Celestia will be our seventh world, and will continue the story in the wake of Malistaire's defeat. With Celestia's release, we will also be raising the level cap to 60, so all you Grandmasters out there will have some work to do to be top dog again! But you're bright, you already know that. What *I* can tell you as an insider is that I am SO SO SO incredibly excited for this world. Unlike Falmea, real life me LOVES the water. There are some really cool surprises that go with Celestia. Ever wondered what it would be like to take a dip in the pool in the Commons if it were *just* a little deeper? Well, you will once you take the plunge in Celestia. Sick of your level 48 spells? Well, you won't be for long, as you'll have lots of new cool toys to add to your arsenal. That's not to mention the seriously awe-inspiring new areas to adventure in and lots of goodies I haven't even mentioned. Everyone here is so excited to show you what is definitely our most ambitious world and game update yet!
She confirms we can swim, WOOT! And more powerful spells of course, :D. Plus we have a *gasp* shark mount picture!
It's COMING! *SQUEE!* Only another week or 2 according to estimations, check everyday!
Happy Farming! *SQUEE!*

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