Monday, August 2, 2010

A 1/1000 drop

I was farming a couple of days ago for the Jade Oni's gear ( wanted Life Robe for Tarlac, etc. ) and actually the pet, even though I knew the ridiculous drop rate ( a lot less than Malistare dropping Storm hound even ) but... tah-dah!
Say hello to Baby Penny!
This is DEFINITELY going to my Balance alt, when I get one :D. And yesterday, it looked like a storm was coming, and I was fighting in the Warehouse, had just beaten Stormclaw with others who had completed it so I was sure I would win :D. But, the lights flickered for less than 1 second and I lost connection, less than 1 second! And the "storm" eventually produced a few raindrops and very little thunder and went far by us. So, Estrakir's demon still looms, but his lucky stars won't hang for much longer... *Evil face*. Plus, I put in my 1st Petnome submissions, and got that off my back ;). In other news, Tarlac is LVL 35 and has a new look!

Astral hat of the Helephant ( expired Crowns hat ), Topiary Tunic and Youkai's shoes. And in the background is his next destination, Katz Lab! Almost on to Mooshu :)
And lastly, remember to try to help w/ my party! ( last post ) The more help=The lesser time we have to wait till the party, and tell me if you want to come or not on the Diaryofawizard events page! Till next time, Happy Farming!


  1. AWESOME! My Garnd Fire got a Storm Cat from a boss in GH!

  2. @Heather, thanks!
    @Johnny, lol, that's from Herkir, I got that on the 10th try

  3. Hey Arlen thanks for helping us with RL will you help me with mine just click on my name and should either come up as necromancer nation or necromancy of ice. I will add a little myth flare for you to if you join

  4. @Arlen, Do you have a friend who would also be willing to help? Spread the word!

  5. @Johnny, I'll see if I can find one! I have a good friend, not a blogger, but a really good friend who could join, she just hasn't been on the last week ( prolly vacation ). @Duncan D. I'll try to join yours!


Have a splendiferous day! :)