Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A LOT of random pictures

Well, I've been hiding back a lot of pictures, here's my last 2 days album!
Conquering Malistaire, again.
I get Mycin's ring!
Fun with angles, a floating Wooden chest!
Pet Reunion!
I've failed hatching twice after success twice. Ironically, the other one's name is "Ms. Chance"

I made a "Thomas Lionblood" character on the Test realm to celebrate his birthday, I fooled a couple people xD. Only thing you can't get fooled by is the "Novice Necromancer" badge. Alric Ravensinger pointed out that Ravenwood Radio had discouraged impersonating, but I hadn't heard that part :-P. But, he's only a "server party" test realm character.
Bye Chase Deathcrafter! I deleted him since he didn't have much gold or anything, just kinda old and "nooby" and transferred his house items to Arlen so I wouldn't have to buy as much missing items :). And hello Tristan Dunewalker! Many good names for a Sorcerer are taken such as "Alric" and "Malorn" so Tristan was the next best thing IMO. Can't wait till I'm bored enough to level him, xD!
Me, Autumn Drake ( A Fallon Shadowblade alt ), and Alric Ravensinger posed for some pictures.
Alric was interested in picturing Lord Sparky and Mr. Romeo, our 2 hybrids, and Autumn just happened to wander along.
I've been farming Shirataki many times in hopes for a Life Scarab, but no luck yet. Just another Tough Troll and a cool tunic for Tristan. And don't expect a post tomorrow, ( unless something crazy like Celestia coming out! ) cause I'll be taking a break and mega-farming for pets and maybe beating the Warehouse! Till then, Happy Farming!

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  1. Arlen, I hear someone wants to join RL, comment, my latest post, and the new person's name: Jason Thundershield...


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