Friday, August 6, 2010

Wandcast 9!

Well, the highlight of yesterday was Wandcast 9, TFN and the Info bros. talking for 1 1/2 hours and the chat room may have broken the previous record ( 25 was the count ). And even better, they announced a new contest! Make a poem about Ghosts, and the top prize, a Pale Maiden! They also have a party which means, snapshot time!
My first picture ever that I have gotten of me and Lionblood. He was at the afterparty, which was a blast! In Gamma's room, Falmea realm.
This little room had a little trouble with 20 people
Dustin had marked his spot on the "Open Arena" where you can just jump in like you could before PvP. I have no idea how to get here, may require a bug :-P. So, many ported here, and I got to do what is many a wizard's dream, hang with TFN! And even fight with him and Dustin vs. the one I just helped with the Plague Oni, Jacob Thundershield of Necromancer's Cry. and the other Info bro, David Titanrider and the party-hanger-outer, Thomas Deathgem. Since it was 4v3 and everyone on our side was Grand, well it was a cinch of a victory. I got to meet TFN for the 1st time in not-so-crowded conditions, fight with him ( lol, I used Sprite on him once "Thanks for the Pixie" "Np, well, it's a sprite... oh well" "Oh yea, lol" ) and also meet yet again other great bloggers: Amber Stargem who surprisingly moderated the show, seeing as she had "smocked" a couple weeks before, but she's past that... Cassandra Griffindreamer, whom TFN made a song of, and when I heard it, I instantly covered my ears... Jacob Thundershield, who applauded my knowing of Shirataki Temple by the "back of my hand"... The Info bros. of course, who made the show after all, thanks guys! :)... Jessica Fairyheart, who sponsored Big Ben farming... well, you get the point. My words of praise about these podcasts could go on for ages. So, back to my little farming spree I did today, it wasn't as much as I figured, but I got 2 pets!
Finally! On my last try of last night, just after Midnight Thursday morning. This took about 20 tries, more or less *phew*
Yea, Kanago was being stubborn. My friends while helping me long ago got it on their first tries and it literally took me around 50 to get it today
Well earned I say. Incidentally, I had another hatching fail, this time on Mycin. I hatched with a Hydra, got a "Malestrom egg" I thought it was the Fatezilla and I went "Wootz!" Sadly, no. And as soon as I got the bad news, a big storm that just brushed by knocked out power, "Noooo!" Well, 1 minute later I pressed a button on the fan and it worked so, it must have been a 5 second blackout. At least that part wasn't true :-P. And lastly, I have a Glitchy glitchy to share with you this morning...
No! Baby Angel hatches in 1,193,044 hours?!? Gladly no of course, but the typo was funny still ;), till next time ~ Happy Farming!


  1. Awww, that's my dream too. I always wanted to hang out with friendly. when my blog( gets more popular, then maybe i could host a party, and TFN would come to mine.(Sigh) Someday.

  2. Someday! But hey, you can just come to the other parties, maybe the next RR Afterparty, which is even awesomer sometimes. And just some tips for getting publicity: Have a Twitter account and DoaW. Post often. Meet other bloggers a lot. Hope that helps :). I'm trying to get a party started as you can see in some older posts, may not happen in a while though :-P


    Now that's that's over grats on getting those two pets.

  4. lol, thx and sorry for the slight mix up >_< xP

  5. I found that glitch a lot. It affects pet energy refill time too. But that only happens for a minute or so.


Have a splendiferous day! :)