Sunday, August 8, 2010

A new cast of characters!

In the last post, I mentioned a new account. I leveled 'em all up to 5, and maybe soon, they will have membership :), Introducing the cast...

Alura Dawneyes, yea you may think I'm colorblind with those weird colors all over, the drops just came out that way
Myrna Thunderwielder, who looks a bit better
And the Dune family. These two will level up together, Tavia and Tristan and rock their Balance power, especially when they get Judgement :D.
We also have, Amy Dreamweaver, my mom's who hasn't leveled yet.
Cheryl Deathcrafter, whom I will level up with the new Chase Deathcrafter
and Sophia Bluesong. The 1st name comes from the story I hear that if I were a girl IRL, my mom would have named me Sophia, so, Sophia Bluesong.
Most of them have Myth Sprites which I farmed for, and got their neat Rattlebone hats. Wish them all luck! :). Training News: Lord Sparky leveled to Ancient after buying him $30,000 Gold worth of Bananas but, got the talent Crafty *sigh* And Lord Smokey, the Helephant will be Adult soon too, Elvis the Collossus leveled from Andrew Pearlward, and so I shall transfer him to Arlen for hatching. On today's agenda: Farm Boris Blackrock for gold, Fire Serpent. Farm Viktor Snowcrusher for Skeletal Pirate. Have mom level Amy Dreamweaver. Maybe put Dugan one step closer to Malistaire, and maybe something else. Tristan Dunewalker also got, not 1, but 2 one-day mounts from the Fairy Queen and Rattlebones, on 1st tries! Mount luck for him. Anything else to post..? Oh yea, I'm thinking of having a test party once I finish organizing Arlen's house to see how well the turnout may be for Mycin's house party and, to just show you his house ;). Date not set, but expect it in the next 2 weeks! Happy Farming!

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