Thursday, August 19, 2010

100th post contest!

I'm announcing my first contest! :). The prizes: 1st place - Scarecrow, Dryad, Hydra treasure 2nd place - 3 Ninja Pigs, Spirit Armor, Seraph treasure 3rd place - Skeletal Pirate and Vampire treasure 4th place - Banshee, Reshuffle treasure and 5th place - 2 Mutates and Evil Snowman treasure. Mycin has a lot of treasure cards to give away and it's nearly my 100th post, the winner will be announced when the 101st post is out and I will send the winner an e-mail :). Of course, we have the rules:
- Write a ( must be at least 100 letters ) rhyme about Celestia, and email it to Be neat! -
- You must add Mycin to recieve prizes -
- That's it! :D, simple enough? -
5 winners means you have a good chance if you just come up with the ryhme and e-mail. I'll judge, and decide. Please enter! Happy Farming!

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  1. **PRIZES UPDATE** 1st place - Same. 2nd place - Scarecrow, Spirit Armor 3rd place - 3 Ninja Pigs, Seraph, 5 Toughs 4th place - Skeletal Pirate, Vampire 5th place - Banshee, Reshuffle.
    Everyone else who enters but did not win will recieve a smaller card gift


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