Tuesday, August 24, 2010

An "Epic" night, school, and a sad announcement

First of all, I have not 1, but 2 new Epic pets, all in 1 night!

They both got Bananas! derby skill, lol. A great skill, although I'm not planning on derby-ing them anytime. Sparky got Pip O' Plenty! Rex got, not as good, but Storm-Proof! ( At least it wasn't a more Will/Intellect etc. skill ) The sad announcement is: Lord Spike, my beloved Orthrus, has announced his retirement D:. Quoting from Spike - "Since Sparky has better talents, and I've had so many adventures, I'd like to take a bit of a rest, and spend more time at the Dawneyes household with his other great pets. Sorry everyone, but I'm decided" I did work out a compromise with him though - He can stay by my side when I am not fighting enemies, and when I am, he can take a break at home. This brings me back to when I first met Ol' Spike... I had gone through agony in the Labyrinth, and was now ready to summon him in the Ancient Burial Grounds. He immediately popped out of the ground when he first saw me, and whimpered at my feet and enjoyed the bone I had bought for him. It was more than worth it, and he agreed to accompany me in my travels. So thanks for being there Spike, I still love ya! :). Now it's time to train the Grim and Lifezilla, always work to do. *sigh* Changing the subject, you've all read Mythspent Youth's school tips, right? She just worked out a third part to the guide, and Wizard101 even featured the blog on the login screen today, so congrats for the appearance and the great posts Mythspent! I'm writing this at 1AM, since the week before school is always frought with worry so I can't sleep, therefore, I'm going to lessen my time on Wizard101 a little in the next 2 weeks, mainly to focus, and get outside a little more. I've been a couch potato this summer ( mostly with my excuse that it's too hot outside, lol ) so since it's also getting cooler, I'm going to get out a little bit too. Tomorrow I'm just planning on snacking and lying on the grass looking at the clouds :D. This reminds me, I've been meaning to add a feature to the blog with a daily Peanuts ( Lord Sparky is named after his "sparky" bolts on his back, and my favorite writer's nickname - Charles Schulz a.k.a Sparky. Lord Snoopie the Grimzilla is named after, well Snoopy :) ) comic but I've forgotten for a bit. So this morning, I bring you my dad's favorite comic, and it has to do with my itenirary today - The comic from 8/14/60!

Zoom in if you need to, it's my dad's favorite probably cause he's a pastor, Linus sees the stoning of Stephen, and it's just plain funny. Especially the last line ;). Here's one more comic, to do with school...
You see, this is what nights are going to be like for me in the next week. Celestia is nice to think about over all this, but then I get all hyped up with excitement till when it comes. Just getting a few things off my mind...Happy Farming!


  1. Nooooooooooooo! Come back spike! Now everyone wants to hatch with me! D:

  2. lol, I'll still hatch with him, don't worry about that :D. How else would I get more orthrus hybrids?


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