Saturday, August 14, 2010

A lot of Life in the wizard family

1. Tarlac got to say my famous phrase: "On to Mooshu!" when he beat Meowiarty, here's he and another wizard who came along in Katz Lab

We also have a big coincidence that happened when I pulled the "Charged Lever" in Katz Lab, you know how big lightning electric bolts flash onto the stage? At the EXACT same moment IRL a storm was heading by and lightning flashed and crackled across the sky, very ironic! :-P
We decided to fight this little overgrown machinery, and won after a little while
Didn't get any pets BUT I got this from Smogger. The crowns dagger was soon tossed for a new big Health/Mana Life one, but it shall go in the little Shared Bank
Learned new spell :D
And lastly, just moments ago... Madame Louie hopped into the egg, despite her big size. Dugan now has his own hybrid, a Forest Oni! And randomly, there are 16 days of precious summer left *SIGH* Time to buy those new binders :/. Happy Farming!

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