Saturday, August 28, 2010

3rd time IS the charm. Malistaire has been soloed.

I did it. I did it. I did it!!! It took just over 20 minutes, and Malistaire went *POOF*. Since I couldn't take a video, I got some screenshots in :).

The walk up to him...

To tell the truth, I had such small guts it took me 5 minutes to actually walk up to him and battle ;).

It took me 3 times to kill him, I lost the other 2 times before the minions were even gone, but I remembered to mark my spot, immediately port back and use a potion and adjust my deck from what I had learned the first 2 fights. ( they were both kinda unlucky, couldn't find my spells needed to take minions out and stuff ) I was down to my last potion at the time I beat him, so I guess it was win-or-go-home :-P.

I had a bolt that had a lot of traps/blades so I thought it would kill. It didn't, but it was the point when I knew I would definitely pull it off :D.
I had full pips, so I used a Satyr just to make sure and then the finishing Triton...
If you remember back at the beginning of DS, Cyrus said it would be almost impossible for me to try to beat Malistaire alone, well, he was wrong hehe :D.
Close calls: I summoned my Storm minion 2nd turn, and they soon all jumped on him while I was able to pull off a Storm Lord to finally kill those pesky servants. One used Scarecrow! O_O lucky I had a death shield on at the time... My minion had 16 health when Malistaire remained, and then Malistaire took his eye for me, so my minion stayed the whole battle :-P. Malistaire also fizzled on an important Skeletal Pirate, and I used a friend's tower shield he had given me next turn and Mali used it again :-P ( Pirate ). Anyways, I got the Death Ebon robe. ( Storm robe would REALLY have made my day, hehe ) Thanks to: Thomas Deathgem, for providing an extra person to get past the crystals ( and we skipped the gurtoks ) and William Lioncatcher, who donated some treasure cards that came in handy, like the Tower, a Death shield and a Life healing boost :). So, I'm the 2nd Storm wizard to officially pull this off I think, and now I have to attend to the back-to-school bash! And eat a milshake, nom. Happy Farming!

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