Tuesday, August 10, 2010

EPIC WIN, but mostly FAIL

So, I did the Warehouse with high hopes this afternoon with: The Spirit Keeper: Ben Fairydust, Stormforged Kitties: Kieran Stormcaller, and The Sorcerer of the Spiral: Malorn Willowsmith.
Let's skip the part before Estrakir, that's boring ( Although he did make Lord Spike turn duplicate and evil once ). Now, do I have an EPIC story to tell you. We got up there

Changed decks and all and started. After killing 1 rat, Ben healed the same round and an unnatural thing occured: ZOMBIE RAT! Since no Entangle was on, Knuckles healed and the rat came back to life. After awhile, several of us died so we did the little "Flee, use a potion and hurry back" trick and soon the rats were gone. I had to use Earthquake to get some shields off that helped a lot but, of course I got to be a big target of attacks. Since I had already used my 2 potions, I ported to a friend, immediately got some health wisps nearby and ran right back to Regent's Square and entered again after a couple minutes. I was crossing my fingers I wasn't too late... but alas... I was. So I just twittered and checked the runs chatroom. After 1 hour and 49 minutes the big fight was over without me in it, lol. What was the result you ask? W! ( Win ). Yea, I wasn't a part of the end of that big miracle victory, but it was still incredible. Estrakir's lucky stars have struck Arlen again! So I'm trying again tomorrow *sigh*. And I just realized, I could have had 3 potions to go in, but it was 2 and I didn't terribly need to use my 1st potion when we got to the top, I had only 200 health off my crystal ball. Things like this make you slap your head, xD. But, trust me it won't be like this for long...
And on a bright note, I got Mycin's sword :).
Thank you, Ms. Hoarder! Now I'm searching for the Pirate pet which hasn't come up yet, but should soon. And a couple days ago I farmed Blackrock like crazy on Dugan for a Fire Serpent but no :-P. Anyone who would join me in the middle of the battle would seem to get it. But yea, I did get the sword :). Happy Farming!

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  1. Yep, it's possible even with three people! Sorry about the Warehouse Run Arlen! It happens in PvP too if your minion dies in gets healed same round then they are a living ZOMBIE!


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