Friday, August 6, 2010

Dragonstars and a Flame Crux, Dugan's LVL 48 quest

'Tis true, tis true, this morning Dugan was just LVL 46. I beat the Drake Hatchery/Crucible and a side quest means LVL 48! Just an observation here, what in the world is that blue spiked rock beneath Boris Blackrock? Volcanic thingies FTW!

And when I leveled to 47, look at my EXP: 1/38,110 lol.

Ahem, ANYWAY I'm at the Labyrinth on Dugan Ogrethief, and the Spider Queen's tower was the 48 winner this time:

Lie down! Good boy.


*blush* Thank you Ms. Falmea...

But I don't want to be the teacher's pet...

So I had to beat Prince Alicane, Biti Nirini, A Stray Sunbird in MS and Ember Everburn in MS for some fire shards.

Goin' in the Shared Bank there :)

Takin' care of business, everyway.

In other words "Hold your horses, young wizard!"

*Breaks out marshmallows*

Does she drop marshmallows Ms. Falmea?

I actually killed her ( Mavra Flamewing ) solo, what with her little "Pip" minions who shielded all the time. Thanks to a great spell by the name, Scald. And I couldn't get a pic of the dragon being summoned xP

Frivolously?!? May I have a dictionary Ms. Falmea?
It's official! Now to rename the Helephant...

Prince Gigi, we'll change that...

Say hello to Lord Smokey! :)

Look for a 4th grandmaster any day now...
Happy Farming!


  1. I'm guessing that the blue spiked rock thing is a comet or meteor. But ya never know in W101.

  2. Blue spiked thing looks more like a....................DRAGON EGG!!!

    No, that's probably not it. Well at least I tried.

    -Jacob Thundersword

  3. Yea i think it is a meteor too
    in the mini map it shows it slamming into the ground


Have a splendiferous day! :)