Sunday, August 22, 2010

Top 10 lists

Just so I don't go through 3 days with no post, I've compiled My TOP 10 Lists of, well W101 things. 1st List: Hardest Bosses ( includes minions, other bosses w/it ) -
Some other notables almost making: Youkai, Yeva Spiderkeeper, Karuvian Scargiver, Nightwing, Gurtok Barrier Demon, Grettir, Sea Lord
10. Ullik - Helgrind Warren
9. Jotun ( w/out his brothers, or he would be # 3 or 4. )
8. Tumok Gravelbeard - Dragon's Maw
7. Gurtok Piercer - Great Spyre
6. Frostmantle - Ravenscar
5. Gurtok ( the fire one, forgot name ) - Great Spyre
4. Malistaire - Malistaire's lair
3. Othin Stormfather ( the Coven ) - Ravenscar
2. Orrick Nightglider - Briskbreeze Tower
1. Estrakir Gloomthorn. Of course.
Now - List #2, Hardest Dungeons
10. Big Ben
9. Tomb of the Beguiler
8. Winterdeep Warren
7. Helgrind Warren
6. Hall of Valor
5. The Labyrinth
4. The Great Spyre
3. Kensington Park
2. Briskbreeze Tower
1. The Warehouse *shudder*
Awesomest dropped pets ( my opinion )
10. Zombie
9. Death Troll
8. Icebird
7. Skeletal Warrior
6. Storm Snowman
5. Golem Spider
4. Seraph
3. Crabling
2. Ianthine Spectre
1. Death Ninja, need I say more?
Hmm... How about best house?
10. Imperial Palace
9. KT ( the biggest one, whatever it's called )
8. Balance house
7. MB Estate
6. Dragon's Fjord
5. Ice house
4. Myth house
3. Life house
2. Watchtower Hall
1. Storm house
And lastly... Reasons you know you've done too much crafting...
10. You ignore a person who picked a reagent before you could
9. You become a Necromancer from hunting Nightshades in Nightside
8. You become a construction worker so you can find Stone blocks
7. You decide to spend gold on crafting rather than hatching
6. You find yourself humming a lot of MS music from being in the Tree of Life too much hunting for reagents
5. You stay up all night crafting a carousel
4. You go swimming in a public fountain for cattail
3. You craft the Watchtower hall in less than 1 day
2. You avoid taking out the trash for a week looking for Scrap Iron in the cans
1. You see a flower in the distance and immediately yell "BLACK LOTUS!"
That's enough for now :-P. Remember to enter my treasure card contest, this is the 98th post! ( No contest e-mails yet, I'm wondering if everyone is either lazy, or doesn't want to get a really good chance for free Scarecrow cards ;) ) Oh, and comment if you have any other idea for a Top 10 list or your opinion on my rankings - Happy Farming!

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