Friday, August 27, 2010


I've gotten a little inspiration over the days to solo ol' Mali. Well, a LOT of inspiration really, on youtube. If Friendly can do it, if Malorn can, can I? Seeing Friendly's battle almost made me say the "Staples" line - That was easy. I used to think Death would have a hard time what with all the prisms but it only takes a few turns to put those prisms on ( and remember to have some in your sideboard ) scarecrow, lots of shielding and trapping, and then the big hit on Malistaire. So If I had a GM Death ( which I really wish I had right now! :) ) I'd most likely complete it, but the best I have is storm, so is Mycin up for the challenge? I also saw a storm wizard do it, and it was NOT easy, he actually got lucky seeing as how several times Mali fizzled when it could have been the finishing hit. I couldn't find any others, so if Mycin does it, he's the 2nd official soloer of Malistaire for a storm, I guess. I did get a lot of ideas from that storm video though, such as lots of better accuracy bolts, etc. One time a Life wizard friend said he had soloed Malistaire easily, and I was like "C'mon..." but now that I think about it, maybe Tarlac ( if he was GM ) would have a chance, but it would take a long time so I'd probably pack a reshuffle :-P. I think I'll have to *attempt* it soon, and be sure to have a couple wizards standing by in case I die, and have a spot marked. All in all, I can't wait to try =). Sometimes I have some embarrasing defeats, but proper deck construction will come in here, where other times, I just stick my usual deck in and don't make any changes :-P. First, I'm thinking of trying to solo Tumok Gravelbeard to make sure I have a chance, skip the gurtoks and get right down to it vs. Malistaire. I'm kind of droning on here, so I'll cut short - You may be seeing Mycin in the Malistaire ring - alone - soon. ( I can't wait to try now that I think about it, xD ) My 1st possible date to try it is 1st thing Saturday, so I don't have to worry about it after school starts and all that, lol, I should have thought of this earlier... Let's just get in another "Flying Ace" comic for the heck of it ;)
Happy Farming!

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