Monday, August 9, 2010

Vacation Pictures #2!

I've forgotten about these, but as you know, a week or so ago we went to the Outer Banks, very fun :). So behold more vacation pictures!

The seagulls at "Kitty Devil's Frozen custard and Beach fries" Yummy!
Went fishing, and caught this. And a crab that was too fast to take a pic of, I caught it, and it just skittered across the dock and lept back in the water :/.
Our supplies.
We went to see a play called "The Lost colony" based on that Roanoke village that disappeared. Very good :).
The orang-y moon when we got here, looked so awesome.
And a little shout-out at the end here, to a new blog. "Stormforged Kitties" by a fan of this one: Kieran Stormcaller. He even has a Dorm contest with a big prize up: Make your dorm something awesome, e-mail him after August 14th and have a chance to win a School house! :). Happy Farming!

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  1. Wow. the big amphitheatre kinda looks like the grizzleheim house you can buy in the crowns shop. I went fishing last year with my dad, but the fish i got was too small, so, it's some where out there on the East coast. Thanks for commenting on my blog!


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