Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Kingsisle Cashes in!

Well, I've been waiting over a week since I sent an e-mail about my missing items... all my statues and pets I named in the e-mail, and guess what? ( Ironically, the day before my good friend Samantha had asked "Did you get all your pets back yet?" ) I got 'em all back! WOOT!
Hello, Whew, that was quite a list! We've applied all the pets & statues. Specific to your situation, we'd run a 1 time script that reapplied all the missing housing/pets due to the exploit, however, that option has come & gone so your situation requires manual application. As we said, we've applied the pets & statutes and we've also maxed out your gold (150,000). We suggest you go shopping at the bazaar to reclaim any items you had/want. Please let us know if we can further assist. Sincerely, KingsIsle Support. I now have 150,ooo gold now too *faints* I plan to, well, buy all the items back first, and if I have enough afterwards, maybe hatch again :). THANK YOU A MILLION KINGSISLE!!! There were too many items to list, and several were No Auction ( including my awesome Pilloried Skeleton ) so I plan to write a "Thank-You!" note and list the items ( If I remember ) I couldn't buy at the Bazaar. So, the reunion pictures will come up in the next post :). Since I couldn't really remember any names, the majority are now named "_
Angel" But what the heck, still awesome! And to add more happiness to this day, A big HAPPY BIRTHDAY! to TFN and Pres. Obama! 2 of our great icons all on the same day *blows party-horn* Again, I have all my statues and pets*!* back, my gold is maxed out, 2 great birthdays, so to make it even better, I'm going to listen to the Monkees! ( Hey, hey were the Monkees, and we like to monkee around... ) Big *wink* at Heather Raven there. Happy Farming!

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  1. I'm so glad you got your stuff back!

    And now you can Monkee around in your house. ;)


Have a splendiferous day! :)