Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Bonjour Wizard101, and Wayfinder is *pouts* NO AUCTION!

This post is pretty bad news, as many of you have possibly heard: WAYFINDER GEAR IS NOW NO AUCTION!!! NOOOO!!!

*sobs* It was inevitable ( or however you spell it ) I guess :/. The least they could do was warn us so we could sell the ones we still had from scheming. Now Tarlac has unintentionally lost a lot of gold. So this means... I'm retiring from hatching. Major apologies to those whom I've said I'd hatch with. It's just too much to be buying stuff for my MB house, buying snacks, buying a house for Tarlac etc. etc. If I ever do hatch again, it won't be for a long time seeing as how broke all of my characters are now :-P. Guess I'll have to Oyotomi/Raven farm again. Darn you Estrakir, now he thinks I won't visit his lair again since I don't need the gear... well, he's wrong :D. What will he cook up next? Anyways, let's go on after that rant: Wizard101 has announced it is expanding to the EU! Press release from the website:
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------KingsIsle Entertainment, Inc. today announced a licensing agreement with German online games publisher Gameforge to bring its award-winning massively multiplayer game Wizard101 to Europe. “This partnership is an important first step in our strategy to expand beyond the domestic US market and bring Wizard101 to an international audience,” said Elie Akilian, chairman and CEO of KingsIsle Entertainment. “It’s a very exciting time at KingsIsle and we are eager to share the magical world of Wizard101 with an entirely new community of players.” “Wizard101 has proven to be a high-quality MMO that appeals to a large audience of all ages. We are very excited to partner with KingsIsle in bringing this great game to the European market and expand its audience globally,“ said Carsten van Husen, CEO of Gameforge 4D. Earlier this summer, KingsIsle announced that more than 10-million Wizards have registered to play Wizard101 since the game launched in September 2008. KingsIsle is currently working closely with Gameforge to localize Wizard101 for the European market. The first European launch is planned for late 2010.
Ooh, we get more publicity, heh heh. So therefore, I'm going to show a European Peanuts comic today :).
lol! Happy Farming!


  1. Well now I'm even more glad I never got around to participating in that scheme. I'd be as upset as you are, and most everyone else who did do this. Sorry about it.

  2. The scheme was worth it though, despite the dissapointment :). Got to hatch quite a few more times


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