Sunday, August 15, 2010

Some more pictures, and a 4th hybrid

Heya guys! I'm pretty busy ITS as of late ( In The Spiral ) so here is my daily album of pictures from yesterday, and a little of today...
Tarlac's dryad quest, just the beginning...
Wha? Sunken City? Meh... at least I still had the quest in my book, and I need the Wraith statue still :)
So THAT'S what that chest is for. In his castle, you may notice 2 side rooms with these chests that are just there, I had no idea what they were for, but it gave me a Skeleton key for my Dryad quest
Bad ol' Grubb, don't steal that book again.
2 whole dungeons? Gosh Moolinda, lay off, lol. So me and Kieran Drake ( Stormforged Kitty's alt ) will do that when we get the real quest, Dryad isn't needed that bad. And yesterday, I got 2 hybrids in 1 day!
I renamed this Lifezilla Lord Rocky, heheh. He hatches in a couple more hours, and I renamed that Forest Oni Lord Louie, instead of 'Madame' who has hatched by now :). Mycin farmed Chronius for the HM Statue for awhile, and gathered enough stuff to sell for enough $$$ to hatch.
Now we have my CL dorm for Kieran's Dorm contest. He is accepting entries by e-mail right now, and the top prize is a: School house! So, I hope for Tarlac to get a free Life house this week, *pick me, pick me* lol. JK, may the best dorm win!
We have the Umbra Queen's royal couch, which Lord Sparky guards and it's precious vases, also are some Cherry blossom trees, some floor torches, Fishbones spelling out CL, 4 firecats, 2 orthrus's, and some Spider egg sacs lying around ( you know, Morganthe's a big Spiderlady ) plus a Dogfish statue on every wall.
Now, we have Jimmy Krueger's ghost in Wizard101 ( Nightmare on Elm Street, horror movie, I DO NOT watch horrors :-P ) Wait, wha?!?
GAH! RUN FOR YOUR LIFE! But seriously, in the Spirit world in the Tree of Life, turn right when you get onto the dirt platform that Kagemoosha/Death Oni is standing on, now stop, look over the edge, wait a few seconds and this face appears
Look very closely, and it's a creepy face similar to the Death logo. It appears every 30 seconds or so, and glows eerily for 10 seconds. Clicky clicky to enlarge. Who would expect a horror movie character to appear in Mooshu? *shiver* Some more news and notes: I've decided to write some Fan Fiction called "Arlen's Adventures." But, I may have to scrap my Spike and Sparky comic since I'm not good at making those, and the Adventures of Arlen may be good enough ;D. I've written 2 parts to these adventures, and next week I will release Part 1, BUT I give you a quick preview right now! --------------------------------------
PART 1: The Spiral and the Dream:
It was a dark and stormy night, Well OK, calm and breezy. "Will you take out the recycling sweetie?" *groan* "OK! Lemme finish the page!" Arlen kept reading Garfield until... "Honey, if you don't come down in the next 10 seconds..." "Ok! Sheesh" As young Arlen took out the recycling, an interesting thing in the sky caught his eye... END OF PREVIEW. Find out what happens next week ;). And a notice: I can't post or play till Tuesday/Wednesday since were taking a 2 hour drive to visit grandma, like we do every couple weeks. It's always great to visit her ( despite no internet, but cable, lol ) and hang with the dog, and we always get Subs for dinner for one night ( I always eat mine faster than anyone else by far. ) So cy'all in a couple days and... Happy Farming!

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