Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Valid Until July

Happy 2012!
And, fittingly, we go back to July 4th, with my Half-Year Goals needing an update---
  1. Finish 4-5 houses
  • Welllll....... I kind of slacked on housing..... save a couple items, I have improved and sort of completed several houses, though.
2. Get Balance & Death duo to Legendary
  • Balance duo = Level 60, on top.. complete!
  • Death duo = Well.. I just finished Krokotopia on them.. :P
3. Get a "perfect pet"
  • I have several pets with 2 of my dream stats, so this is half-complete but little progress since July. My dream pet would probably have: Spritely, MC Unicorn, Spell-Proof, ? undecided
4. Become Warlord in PvP
  • Tristan actually became a Commander only 2 weeks later, but I stopped and figured I'd get him to Warlord at Legendary.. which I didn't. Permission to kick 1/2 year old self?
5. Transcript at least 5 RR episodes
  • Well, I think KBB and the Crew suspended this project due to difficulty and increased business IRL, but I did get 1 done-though I forget which :P. Also, their first 2012 show is tonight, here's to a great new year for RR!
6. 70s song music video!
  • Ok, that was mostly a joke, but maybe one day! I actually got a Queen and Pink Floyd poster for Christmas, so my interest is still into the 70s, lol
7. All best gear for Legendaries
  • All except for Tarlac's boots and 2/3 of Dugan's gear, this was complete before ZF came out. And now ZF doesn't really have any better gear, so I could continue to work on this, but I feel ok with the gear they have :)

And, there's your update. Not too much success in following up on all of them, but oh well. Time for Beginning of 2012 Goals! (valid until July 1, 2012 :P)

  1. Get Death duo to Transcended, maybe another character to at least Grandmaster
  2. "Perfect/Dream pet" goal again. Its worth a shot!
  3. Complete at least 2 relatively new houses (maybe the Sun Palace I just got?)
  4. 5+ Grandmaster Artisans
  5. Get most of the Music Players... become a Warlord in Derby/PvP on 3 characters
Hope everyone had a happy holiday. I know my trip to my Aunt's farm and New Years was fun! Most importantly, here's hoping 2012 gets more goals done and is even better (despite the fact its an election year and has an extra day, right?).
Sorry for the no pictures post, I'll try to get some in-game updates next time. My death-duo is progressing well and just finished Hyde Park :) finished Emperors Retreat/Tomb of Storms over Winter break. Also, Final Exams and the end of the semester are coming up, so don't expect much W101 progress on the weekdays for the next several weeks.

Happy Questing!