Saturday, June 1, 2013

Ice Will Suffice

Happy kind of late blogaversary to me! Turns out I pretty much share the honor with fellow bloggers Swordroll and Talon Thunderblade. Happy blogaversary to you guys too (but I'm still older!) Maybe I'll do more of a celebration next year besides just remembering the fact.

In other news, this new Winterbane house dungeon sounds exciting, and the final boss has 30,000 health. The idea of progressively going underneath a small cabin to fight monsters is a fun prospect - kind of like a  Journey to the Center of the Spiral (I wish). I shall attempt my hand sometime soon, and hope to get good loot. I've barely even touched Arlen in the last few months (sorry, main characters).

More importantly though, my ice character is trudging through Avalon at about as fast a speed as you can go for an ice wizard. It's a nice change of pace considering I rarely die anymore. That's never fun.

The past 10 days have taken me from defeating an inhospitable owl to making a surprise return to a Celestian-like environment. Sophia is also so photogenic, she just has to pose after defeating meanie bosses.

Wouldn't want to fall over the edge into that...stuff.

I sense a pattern here. Is this like a universal chant? Even Morganthe likes saying it.

Aaand we're skipping ahead to the Lakeshore. I'm fine with that.

It's hard to believe I was making a post centering around this 11 months ago. Nice to be dueling in the rain again.

One of the few bosses in a while that actually killed me. No sympathy, especially with that zombie-look thing going on after dying :P

I've been having a few connection issues now and then, but I can't complain when the mobs starting walking on the water.

This little guy just wanted to say hi or something.

This was the coolest thing that's happened with my periodic connection bursts. I actually got to walk around the Marleybone Cannon Game as my Mammoth.

Kind of a strange setting for a baby Mammoth I must say.

Infinite training points and accuracy?! :D

Sorry, target, not today.


Seriously, get some new lipstick.

Thus ends my recent progress, upgrading from the bottom of a lake to some underground caverns.
I plan to hold Sophia at Ghost Avalon once I reach the dungeon, and then do it together my Life character Tarlac once I renew my membership this summer. I'll probably quest a bit slower anyway with exams coming up.

Things are looking bright after that, though - I'll probably even venture into Pirate101 this summer. I should think I'd have even more post material with that.

Happy Adventuring!