Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sunshine Pony! BOOM!

Short post for the info! - - -

The special on Ravenwood Radio tonight was on the Sunshine Pony! You heard it first there, as Fallon & Steve showed a picture of horsies with an orange tang and sun tattoos on it :P. There will be a contest to recieve these, on Saturday, more info tomorrow. Awesome show :). Less than 1 1/2 days till the "surprise" as well!

Happy SQUEE-ing!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Hurry, April 1st!

First up though, some Bazaar catches!

I found this rare beauty (well, maybe not beauty but you get my point...) in the Bazaar. Could really use this for my far away future KT House. Drops from Ngozi the Beguiler, if you're interested!

A very nice member from Central offered to sell a Cello. I goofed up - I could SWEAR it was in the Furniture tab, but nooooo. By the time I realized my mistake, it had already been sold "Your Transaction Was Not Successful" -_-. But hey, someone else is very happy out there. Now my ongoing escapades for this item continue :P.

Also in-game, I got a Red Leaf Tree, made an Aquarium for Tarlac, got some feedback by several wizards and made a couple small changes to the household and am now trying for a Sun Banner item from General Akilles. He doesn't appear very willing. Now for the main point of the post though...

If you were here last May/June, there was something called a Gobbler Giveaway. I joined the community just in time to miss it though, but many blogs and sites got 5 free Gobblers from Kingsisle, and had contests for them. Now today, all the official sites are prepping for the:


The idea is the same, with many blogs having a contest for 15 - you heard me - FIFTEEN mounts. DoaW has Turtles, Petnome has Lions, etc. (I'd personally sign up to sell Batwings ;)). So, on April 1st (no, this is NOT a joke), you will find much of the community hosting contests for all these mounts. Woohoo! I hope, no, EXPECT to win several for my newbie account without membership yet :P. Also why April 1st is awesome...

Its a Friday, the end of the dreary week!

I get to fool people!

And, "something special", hopefully SOMETHING special, arrives in the Spiral! Tick tock, its a clock, 2 1/2 days...

Lastly, Fallon & Steve seem very mysterious today and hint something big will also happen on Ravenwood Radio tomorrow night. Will it be their own epic mount giveaway? The secret of the Countdown? Stay tuned, 'tis Fools Day will be Epic!

Happy Being Hyper On Ice Cream! (yes, I'm shaking like a wet dog while writing this. So tasty..)

Monday, March 28, 2011

Kensington Retirement

Several days grounded, the usual being done ITS... yeah, 6 days without a post, but I'll stop with the apologies now, few of you likely care that much :P.

Alric's party. lol, I like the Minotaur view, don't you? (RHYME! xD) It was his IRL birthday, and it was quite a big party. Got in a match or 2, had a good time ;)

Posing with a KP run crew :) (welcome back Sloan, hi Panglou -french for something cool- and hi new up-and-coming community member, Jordan). I think I'm done with Kensington for now, although it IS in my favorite world and is an awesome place. But, it takes an hour for a very rare chance at something good, and I have MS Furniture farming and such to do. So, I'm waiting till Halloween Towers again... 6+ months, gah! Yeah, forget the Antique Cello and stuff for now :P

So, for now, I'm farming for a Crabling and Wild Bamboo. Have 2 Crablings, just need ONE more for House and Bamboo for MS House. Next up is Paper Lantern Stand (Tomugawa) or Red Leaf Tree (Crowns - Everburn) in the Ancient Burial Grounds. Then, I guess more Crimson Fields farming - need 1 Wildclaw (Crowns, Yakedo), 1 more Lion-thingy statue (Grum) and 1 Pagoda Brazier (Kagemoosha). *Goes to Central to look up threads of people with a Cello. Comes back jealous*

IRL has been fine the last week, went to a Used Book Sale, got 3 from the Humor section :P. Also, should you care about sports, VCU is in the Final Four! Thats my Grandmothers alma-matter :D. And Butler, KY & UConn as well. Hoping any one of them except UConn wins, especially VCU.. would be huge. I can't wait for the end of this week, the "something special" -should it NOT be April Fools- , plus I'll try to pull off my dollar-on-the-ground trick xD. And then the weekend and the Basketball finals. Basically it! SO...

Happy Farming!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Aprils Fools or WT?

Yea, my Fickle Pickles turned Elder! Woot. 2-3X the rewards of a normal harvest. But thats not exactly why I'm posting. (Hehe, they're shrugging me off. Don't want to go to Plant Heaven.)

(all credits go to Kelsey Fireheart for pic!)
Check the top right corner. Okay, so 8:15 AM CST, April 1 is when the countdown ends. Is it Wintertusk, Crab Alley's Future, a Briskbreeze-like tower (like the CL Prequests) or... an April Fools Joke?!?

I personally think its when Wintertusk will hit the Test Realm. Don't they put additions in the Spiral at the end/beginning of a month? (might be wrong..) But don't get your hopes up! Its the same day as April Fools, haha. 8:15 AM CST (or, Kingsisle time - KST) is often just after a maintenance has ended, so this is further proof that they put WT in the Test Realm then. If it IS April Fools, Kingsisle will have a LOT of angry e-mails and such to answer to. Friendly can do it, but Kingsisle, with a huge game... lol, don't think so. So, what'dya think? PLEASE don't be an April Fools Joke......

Happy, uh, Pondering!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Pretend This Is A Catchy Title

Yo! So, again, not much up besides seeing some epic games in the Basketball Tournament. Michigan lost by 2 to Duke :/.

Yay for Paige Moonshade! :) I got the Egg from a hatch with her Egg. It gives a Tower Shield card, so I really want to make an awesome Egg pet in terms of talents. There's another project.

Another PvP party for Amber & Mary's bloggy-versary, which I attended for a while. Took out the rug from under me at one point as you can see O_o. Fun times!

So, I've been helping others, farming random dungeons for things I need -still including KP- and helping out a good site - - for editing purposes and such :). And, gah, its Sunday evening.. I've procrastinated IRL on Math and stuff.. -.-. And Ohio State is crushing George Mason, lol. But its the 1st day of Spring and nearly time for the Cherry Blossoms to bloom :D!
I know everyone could use this...

Happy Farming!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Pickle Shmickle

Hey Gang, still doing a lot ITS! Mostly Kensington Park (KP), but still.

Just for the heck of it, I ported Alura in to see how she would fare against Lord Nightshade. A LvL 5 Myth, equipped w/an Ascendant Staff. <- Haha, look at her health at that point, she'd go on to heal and become victorious. Fun little battle.

I decided to try the Fickle Pickles, VERY needy but huge loot tables. I need some of those high-level reagents and such, and some of the trashy TCs they harvest are good selling material (Wildbolt-1100 gold!)

SEE?!? Yeah, yea, say "humph" because I'm taking good care of you.

I did Kensington Park on Tarlac to test how long that would take; took basically the same time as Arlen (1 hour, straight up), although Tarlac died at one point because he was distracted at Twitter and Satyr fizzled, xD. So yea, pretty funny line of Stoker that I had completely forgotten. "Come and feel the burn!" ^_^

I also managed to solo the Jotun Bros. once, but have died every other time, hehe. Doing some HoV (Hall of Valor) runs for a change of pace from KP and want another Death Troll, Yardbird furniture item & Zombie pet. Its pretty fun attempting to solo them. For some reason, Grendels let you go as close as under their armpit before they pull you in, rofl

Random, lol. No, I'm not planning on keeping that Carved Pew there, that view just looked pretty ;).

As you can see, VERY random rewards and a huge loot table. One more 1/2 page not shown either :P. Have high hopes for it!

There was a lot of Wintertusk theorycrafting on Twitter, which P.D. wrote a post on. Its really fun -and confusing- to think about it all. Ravenwood Radio was great last night, I actually managed to listen to the whole thing! Ditto and Icy with her banhammer in the chatroom did great. Lots of questions being thrown out there last night :). And, should whoever is reading this check the other blogs and/or Central, you've heard about the Egg & Nightmare pet! Nightmare is a very pretty black w/firey hair-tuffs which gives Meteor Strike. I'm personally going to try for an Egg -literally, an Egg with duck legs- and get it great stats hopefully (Spritely, Pain-Giver, Proof & Defy is my dream pet :)) since it gives the Tower Shield card, and, its, well, cute! Unicorn & Helephant is the Nightmare, and Egg is Collossus & Dragon for clarification. Yes, the newbie WC Dragon and Unicorn, cool, huh? Thank goodness I saved Andrew's (my retired Ice guy, if you've heard about him) Collossus! Thats basically it, have a happy St. Patricks day too, and do that last minute Lucky Leprechaun farming from the Jade Oni if you want! I'm not wearing green, hehe, sorry! *pinches self*

Happy Farming!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


*faints* ... Ditto flashed his amazement before us. Again.

Even Snakes like him...

Announcing Wintertusk
We're very excited to tell you about the upcoming Wizard101 World: Wintertusk!

Wintertusk will complete the epic storyline that began with Grizzleheim and will offer new things to do, and areas to explore for all levels of young Wizards.

Along with Wintertusk, we will also be launching new spells and new level 58 class pets for each main school of focus. We will also be bringing back the underwater area of the Crab King in sunken Triton Avenue, to tell a story about life in Crab Alley after the departure of Selena Gomez.

Have a sneak peek at Grandmother Raven, and for those of you following the story, Grandmother Raven's appearance will solve many outstanding mysteries of the Spiral!

Are you excited or WHAT?!? *SQUEE*! All credit goes to Ditto and Kingsisle, of course. And, I just noticed, Quinn of Fin & Quinn posted yesterday that he predicted new world news in the next few weeks. I thought about that last night and what'dya know?

Holy cow... new spells? Cerberus? Poseidon? Killer Flytrap? Graveyard? Superman? Those are a few suggestions.. xD.

So, I'm also daydreaming of Arlen hiking up some Jotunngard mountains. And what am I going to have, a MEDUSA pet? Maybe a Humongofrog..

Crab Alley's future comes back. I hope those Crabs managed to dig out of their recession!

Grandma Raven will probably unlock some mysteries we've been wondering about, like how she made an eye for Bartleby, etc. :P. Look at the sweet horn, cane, and potion bottles! Maybe they based her off Ms. Narrator?

Yep.. I'm EXTREMELY excited. Hoping it doesn't take till October to release again, hehe, but seriously, take your time to make it the best Kingsisle people!

And did I mention... even more unknown updates?


Happy Theorycrafting!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Per Popular Request..

I have little to post, as I've been doing Grendelweed-looking (made another Cuckoo clock!) & probably more Kensington Park runs lately. Team was 1-2 in the tournament this weekend, I didn't play much though :/. Anyways, per popular request (aka one person.. xD) I figured I'd notify you of a good friend ITS' new blog -has had a Twitter for a while now- Happy, Jenna? ;)

Happy Farming!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Sights of the Spiral - Kenisington Park

Hey Gang! First off, I'm SURE you've heard, but 8.9 earthquake/tsunami in Japan. Probably a seriously buffed rogue Myth wizards spell combined with Tempest :P but in all seriousness, prayers for you guys over there. Now we go to my usual hangout in Marleybone.

"Gadzooks" "H.G Waggs" - Another reason MB is awesome.
Its not TOO bad that MB is always nighttime. Check it out.

They work rather late, too..

The Pavilions.. probably where you remember fighting frogs for a stolen ruby ring.

Water Tower! Also usually a couple reagents behind that one. Remember that :)


Love that Gearhead in the back: "Spiders.. my programming does not like Spiders!"

I think its the peak of the Industrial Revolution. I'll take that Scrap Iron to remember it.

Talk about a huge factory, 5 floors! And, yet again, that big old hunk of Iron wouldn't drop anything good. The usual Kensington run-through :/. IRL, I have a big basketball tournament tomorrow and Michigan came back vs. Illinois :D and faces the Buckeyes tomorrow (BOO). Then 'Selection Sunday'. Me loves March Madness ;)

Happy Picture-taking!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Dispels & Jello

Hey Gang! Okay, I haven't seen the little news on other blogs, so Dispels were changed...back. If you haven't heard, Dispels didn't work right, made the person fizzle BUT pips didn't drop, like a better Black Mantle but several pips :/. But they work as they usually did now! Been breaking from PvP, I'll get back into it then :). So, a little bug/game changer by that patch maintenance last night. Also, the "jello glitch", where some spells were red blocks slightly or a lot (Death Minotaur, Fire Shark & Storm Elf I noticed most... was like Blood Minotaur, Shark and Elf xD), it wasn't huge, "jello" was a little fun actually, but not complaining ;). Tarlac is continuing farming of the Wild Kraken in Helgrind Warren for Fancy Tankards & reagents, almost at 40 I think. How I hate Grendelweed -_-. Thinking of making a Fickle Pickle -heard they drop them- or Prickly Bear garden for Mega Snacks. Yeah, not much, no action for me today (a day without W101 means Selena's in pain...), was busy, but I finally got my friends phone-number from Michigan and talked a lot. Plus 3 basketball games for me on Saturday, tournament and last games of the season o_o. Anyway... short post, thats it.. I guess a Sights of the Spiral next?
Happy Farming/Patching!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Farming, Housing, The Usual

Hey Gang! 3 days without a post, and I've got some screenshots and such, so..

Mycin got to GM Gardener! :D *Trumpet Vines do congratulatory music*

Here's something I noticed. See the little insignificant stone pattern I'm standing on? This is how I think you summon the Indiana-Jones style rockfall in the Island Getaway. About every 15 seconds (?) when you stand on it, I notice it flash and the rock fall. AHHHH!

I got to see a sneak peak of Paige's sweet Emerald City house. (Hope you don't mind 1 picture, Paige!) Woke up early on Sunday, and seeing it with good friends on an early weekend morning is awesome. Very dreamy too, one room gave me a good dream feeling :).

So, there was a big -no, HUGE- Central party that I decided to look at, with the pickup area taking up 4 areas xD. Some got to the house destination, I ended up going back to farming. But check out how crowded Area 1 was (poor Gamma!)

And, I got a Lucky Leprechaun :D. Jade Oni was appreciative after an hour or 2 of farming. Got 2 wands as well, might farm again for a couple different type wands. I believe thats it! Well, of course, don't think I've mentioned it here, but I'm against the text-chat update with no caps. 'xd', ':d' and I like capital 'I's. Its sad, a few bad apples and such. Can't KI at least let us use those ':D' faces? Ah well. Been doing a lot of Helgrind Warren farming on Tarlac for Fancy Tankard items (fancy cup, has a neat drawing of Ice Giant fighting a Dragon on it) for his house from Wild Kraken boss, plus there's quite a few reagents in there :). Happy Farming!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Drunken Celestia, etc.

Hey Gang! Been pretty busy ITS lately. And yes, very weird title, I know. I combined a little what I'm posting about into it. Creative? Eh...

A little of my Floating Lands house a couple days ago. Kobe doesn't want to drown!

Dugan secretly beat Astraeus solo! :D it was pretty close

Check out how many drops...whoa.

And soloed the rest, woot. Very close to LvL 60, as I wanted to figure out how many side quests I should do to reach it at the right time.

Speaking of soloing, Tarlac went for the dive into the Hall of Valor! And came up with 2 new pets!
Can't find the Death Troll one... but anyway, I finally got lucky and got those 2, woot :D. Took down Jotun first, and I forgot my Death wand to take off Grettir's death shields (thank goodness I also forgot to take off my Reshuffle amulet! Hehe) so it took quite a bit longer.

Ah, good ol' Blue Bart. Fought him quite a bit, no luck with the Palm Shrubs -_-. I made a satirical Twitter for him if you want to follow, @Blue_Bart ;)

Apparently they're so drunk they can't see where they're going O_o.

If you've (um, why did this just go bold? Grrr, won't let me change it) been fighting in-game lately, you've probably seen some unusally red spells. Short-time glitch, I presume, which IS kind of fun! Blood Shark!

Firebat fail..
Mycin is pretty Wild-Bolt happy lately, so I've noticed the red streak of lightning from that too. Blood-Bolt! Working hard on houses, plus Paige Moonshade (housing idol! :P) is hosting a big party tonight. Can't wait to see some inspiration for Mycin's Observatory.

Happy Soloing/Farming!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Ever have one of those nights where you lay down and suddenly feel really happy?

I feel happy. Just saying. Think of Cherry Blossom Trees, Summer, nice Weather, good songs, good times and that will do that to you. I love life right now :)

Happy Farming! (yea...short, thoughtful post. Who cares ;))