Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Dispels & Jello

Hey Gang! Okay, I haven't seen the little news on other blogs, so Dispels were changed...back. If you haven't heard, Dispels didn't work right, made the person fizzle BUT pips didn't drop, like a better Black Mantle but several pips :/. But they work as they usually did now! Been breaking from PvP, I'll get back into it then :). So, a little bug/game changer by that patch maintenance last night. Also, the "jello glitch", where some spells were red blocks slightly or a lot (Death Minotaur, Fire Shark & Storm Elf I noticed most... was like Blood Minotaur, Shark and Elf xD), it wasn't huge, "jello" was a little fun actually, but not complaining ;). Tarlac is continuing farming of the Wild Kraken in Helgrind Warren for Fancy Tankards & reagents, almost at 40 I think. How I hate Grendelweed -_-. Thinking of making a Fickle Pickle -heard they drop them- or Prickly Bear garden for Mega Snacks. Yeah, not much, no action for me today (a day without W101 means Selena's in pain...), was busy, but I finally got my friends phone-number from Michigan and talked a lot. Plus 3 basketball games for me on Saturday, tournament and last games of the season o_o. Anyway... short post, thats it.. I guess a Sights of the Spiral next?
Happy Farming/Patching!

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  1. My favorite "blood" creature was a helephant I saw in stormriven, he was completely red from tusk to toe, pretty funny stuff.


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