Friday, March 4, 2011

Drunken Celestia, etc.

Hey Gang! Been pretty busy ITS lately. And yes, very weird title, I know. I combined a little what I'm posting about into it. Creative? Eh...

A little of my Floating Lands house a couple days ago. Kobe doesn't want to drown!

Dugan secretly beat Astraeus solo! :D it was pretty close

Check out how many drops...whoa.

And soloed the rest, woot. Very close to LvL 60, as I wanted to figure out how many side quests I should do to reach it at the right time.

Speaking of soloing, Tarlac went for the dive into the Hall of Valor! And came up with 2 new pets!
Can't find the Death Troll one... but anyway, I finally got lucky and got those 2, woot :D. Took down Jotun first, and I forgot my Death wand to take off Grettir's death shields (thank goodness I also forgot to take off my Reshuffle amulet! Hehe) so it took quite a bit longer.

Ah, good ol' Blue Bart. Fought him quite a bit, no luck with the Palm Shrubs -_-. I made a satirical Twitter for him if you want to follow, @Blue_Bart ;)

Apparently they're so drunk they can't see where they're going O_o.

If you've (um, why did this just go bold? Grrr, won't let me change it) been fighting in-game lately, you've probably seen some unusally red spells. Short-time glitch, I presume, which IS kind of fun! Blood Shark!

Firebat fail..
Mycin is pretty Wild-Bolt happy lately, so I've noticed the red streak of lightning from that too. Blood-Bolt! Working hard on houses, plus Paige Moonshade (housing idol! :P) is hosting a big party tonight. Can't wait to see some inspiration for Mycin's Observatory.

Happy Soloing/Farming!


  1. I've seen some of those weird red things on satyr and rebirth....

  2. Yea, there was joking on Twitter of the Rebirth as a 'Jello Tree' ;)


Have a splendiferous day! :)