Thursday, March 17, 2011

Pickle Shmickle

Hey Gang, still doing a lot ITS! Mostly Kensington Park (KP), but still.

Just for the heck of it, I ported Alura in to see how she would fare against Lord Nightshade. A LvL 5 Myth, equipped w/an Ascendant Staff. <- Haha, look at her health at that point, she'd go on to heal and become victorious. Fun little battle.

I decided to try the Fickle Pickles, VERY needy but huge loot tables. I need some of those high-level reagents and such, and some of the trashy TCs they harvest are good selling material (Wildbolt-1100 gold!)

SEE?!? Yeah, yea, say "humph" because I'm taking good care of you.

I did Kensington Park on Tarlac to test how long that would take; took basically the same time as Arlen (1 hour, straight up), although Tarlac died at one point because he was distracted at Twitter and Satyr fizzled, xD. So yea, pretty funny line of Stoker that I had completely forgotten. "Come and feel the burn!" ^_^

I also managed to solo the Jotun Bros. once, but have died every other time, hehe. Doing some HoV (Hall of Valor) runs for a change of pace from KP and want another Death Troll, Yardbird furniture item & Zombie pet. Its pretty fun attempting to solo them. For some reason, Grendels let you go as close as under their armpit before they pull you in, rofl

Random, lol. No, I'm not planning on keeping that Carved Pew there, that view just looked pretty ;).

As you can see, VERY random rewards and a huge loot table. One more 1/2 page not shown either :P. Have high hopes for it!

There was a lot of Wintertusk theorycrafting on Twitter, which P.D. wrote a post on. Its really fun -and confusing- to think about it all. Ravenwood Radio was great last night, I actually managed to listen to the whole thing! Ditto and Icy with her banhammer in the chatroom did great. Lots of questions being thrown out there last night :). And, should whoever is reading this check the other blogs and/or Central, you've heard about the Egg & Nightmare pet! Nightmare is a very pretty black w/firey hair-tuffs which gives Meteor Strike. I'm personally going to try for an Egg -literally, an Egg with duck legs- and get it great stats hopefully (Spritely, Pain-Giver, Proof & Defy is my dream pet :)) since it gives the Tower Shield card, and, its, well, cute! Unicorn & Helephant is the Nightmare, and Egg is Collossus & Dragon for clarification. Yes, the newbie WC Dragon and Unicorn, cool, huh? Thank goodness I saved Andrew's (my retired Ice guy, if you've heard about him) Collossus! Thats basically it, have a happy St. Patricks day too, and do that last minute Lucky Leprechaun farming from the Jade Oni if you want! I'm not wearing green, hehe, sorry! *pinches self*

Happy Farming!

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