Sunday, March 20, 2011

Pretend This Is A Catchy Title

Yo! So, again, not much up besides seeing some epic games in the Basketball Tournament. Michigan lost by 2 to Duke :/.

Yay for Paige Moonshade! :) I got the Egg from a hatch with her Egg. It gives a Tower Shield card, so I really want to make an awesome Egg pet in terms of talents. There's another project.

Another PvP party for Amber & Mary's bloggy-versary, which I attended for a while. Took out the rug from under me at one point as you can see O_o. Fun times!

So, I've been helping others, farming random dungeons for things I need -still including KP- and helping out a good site - - for editing purposes and such :). And, gah, its Sunday evening.. I've procrastinated IRL on Math and stuff.. -.-. And Ohio State is crushing George Mason, lol. But its the 1st day of Spring and nearly time for the Cherry Blossoms to bloom :D!
I know everyone could use this...

Happy Farming!

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