Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Hurry, April 1st!

First up though, some Bazaar catches!

I found this rare beauty (well, maybe not beauty but you get my point...) in the Bazaar. Could really use this for my far away future KT House. Drops from Ngozi the Beguiler, if you're interested!

A very nice member from Central offered to sell a Cello. I goofed up - I could SWEAR it was in the Furniture tab, but nooooo. By the time I realized my mistake, it had already been sold "Your Transaction Was Not Successful" -_-. But hey, someone else is very happy out there. Now my ongoing escapades for this item continue :P.

Also in-game, I got a Red Leaf Tree, made an Aquarium for Tarlac, got some feedback by several wizards and made a couple small changes to the household and am now trying for a Sun Banner item from General Akilles. He doesn't appear very willing. Now for the main point of the post though...

If you were here last May/June, there was something called a Gobbler Giveaway. I joined the community just in time to miss it though, but many blogs and sites got 5 free Gobblers from Kingsisle, and had contests for them. Now today, all the official sites are prepping for the:


The idea is the same, with many blogs having a contest for 15 - you heard me - FIFTEEN mounts. DoaW has Turtles, Petnome has Lions, etc. (I'd personally sign up to sell Batwings ;)). So, on April 1st (no, this is NOT a joke), you will find much of the community hosting contests for all these mounts. Woohoo! I hope, no, EXPECT to win several for my newbie account without membership yet :P. Also why April 1st is awesome...

Its a Friday, the end of the dreary week!

I get to fool people!

And, "something special", hopefully SOMETHING special, arrives in the Spiral! Tick tock, its a clock, 2 1/2 days...

Lastly, Fallon & Steve seem very mysterious today and hint something big will also happen on Ravenwood Radio tomorrow night. Will it be their own epic mount giveaway? The secret of the Countdown? Stay tuned, 'tis Fools Day will be Epic!

Happy Being Hyper On Ice Cream! (yes, I'm shaking like a wet dog while writing this. So tasty..)

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