Sunday, November 27, 2011

Zafaria - The End

This place, epic as it is, has to be the area on the farthest reaches of the game. To get here from the Baobab, you need to:
  1. Go to Baobab Market, walk to dock, sail boat to Stone Town
  2. Take short walk to other end of Stone Town, board boat to Waterfront
  3. Step over, board boat to Drum Jungle
  4. Take walk to other end of Drum Jungle, avoid many gorillas, enter Elephant Graveyard
And, voila---finally. But hey, its pretty much worth it.

I say "pretty much" because, yes, there's still spiders. Ick.

All else, its really cool. Grave-markings with epic swirls, check.

Bath time? Really?

Hopefully its jacuzzi-temperature :P

Its not easy being green, right? (Sorry, I just watched The Muppets :P)

Eerie dead bustling graveyard square, anyone?

Kinda looks like a yoga room for the deceased.

:D that doesn't mean anything though, ZF isn't over yet!

Drums that look like cheese-crackers. Yay.

I can has jewelry?


Morganthe+Glowing Sickle=o:

Talk about cute elephants :3

Not a good sign..

Kinda strange an elephant with a huge nose and some blue candles take me to an ominous lake. Then again, its Zafaria.


Since when did we go back to Celestia?

I have a more important question--how the heck are you living under here?

Even the Basilisk is struggling to breathe, but still has enough power to kill a zebra who wants to be a lion anyways.

Learned what Morganthe does the hard way :P

Add the zebra to the pedestals - he's sleeping with the fishies.

What person would build bug statues underwater?

Looks like she's the answer.. this can't end well.

*witty caption needed*

Anyone notice the land is sculpted like Falmea's hair? Hmm..

Hard to see, but a friends final Efreet hit ^.^

Great, still not done yet, and the lake's been drained *eyeroll*

Still looks pretty epic though, discounting the bug-statues come alive. Ick.

Aw, c'mon, Morganthe chickened out of a battle again -.-

Repeat yourself much?

This is what makes a dungeon worth the battling. Awesome. Just from one battle with some storm spiders (loot>ick factor)

Next world>HW from Cyrus Drake. Pleeeease?
And, thus endeth Zafaria. Disadvantages being the excessive minion-battling (pretty ironic, Tarlac's finishing the dreaded Savannah Fire Lion-Ravager quest as I write this), but overall definitely worth the not-so-long wait :P. Maybe it will take a year again before the next one, we'll see.. maybe before my birthday even? Good blog-poll material.

Anyways, future plans time!
-Do ZF on Tarlac
-Keep gardening, maybe pet train, housing, etc.
Soon as I get the Super Bundle (Christmas hopefully :P), the Hornocerous should really help with dual-boxing, so..
-Quest Death duo (in Grand Arena, KT) some, do ZF on Mycin/Sophia (Storm/Ice should be cool to deal with)

Well, my blog posts will probably go down a bit now that ZF is done, and I have to go, but I'll post something next Saturday or Sunday :)

Happy Adventuring!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Zafaria - Drum Jungle/Basilisk

Looks a little like Floating Lands -> Zafariazed at first glance. We'll see!

o: so its like the Floating Lands, except with gorillas and raised platforms? I'm going to like this place.

BUT, its time for an intermission to increase my power before I start! Woot!

Every school has to fight an apparently resurrected Hoarder boss in DS (there's a boss called 'The Hoarder' in the Drake Hatchery, a lady soldier, and this boss with the same name, yet a ghostly Shadow-Web guy. Weird.) who has about 8500 health, is Death, no minions and doesn't cheat (but begins with 4 power pips). Anyways, its a lot easier than the Level 58 spell quest, and those bookshelves on the side are awesome.

Summoning a huge lizard in this setting is likely to damage the surroundings.. (lazy much, Drake?)

..Aaand he's munching on the lightpole. Great.

Incidentally, I still owe Mr. Lincoln damages. Worth it anyways! :P

First taste of an 8-pip spell from a mob enemy. Ouch.

But the enemies get their first taste of a 9-pip spell ;P

Its a pretty scene until you see the hand-print on the door.


Spider-Monkeys with backwards umbrellas as hats are still pretty tough ._.

Any coincidence that the darkness is emanating from the Graveyard?

Best. Password. Ever.

Missing Celestia?

In a guess that Morganthe caused this, her charges have been furthered to 'deforestation'.

Spider-webs looking like icicles, ew xD

Prettier back here though!

Boiler-ominous darkness-willow trees = epic picture

Kind of a rogue boiler too..

Sludge? X:

The narrator agrees with me!

Ick x2 o_o

Well, if I'm not going to stick to it and die, it looks prettier, to be honest.

Aaand, the Elephant Graveyard is next! Looks awesomely pretty ^.^ (pretty graveyard? Oxymoron much? Nevermind..)
Nearly done with Zafaria! I should be able to post tomorrow too, with my adventures through that weird-but-pretty graveyard.

Happy Adventuring!