Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Sights of the Spiral - Northgard

Was kinda hoping Zafaria would come out today.. oh well. Time for a segment post!

.. first coming with 3 random pics.
I FINALLY found the Wysteria Library Archives and was pretty amazed.. yeah, I know I'm late on that discovery :P I got all the Wallflowers though!


After finding where the WT Runestone was, I finally found the reason for that 'invisible bridge'. You have to get ice. Again, late discovery. Going with the KBB strategy to get rid of some fighting side-quests and leaving the "talk to _____ for ____ EXP" out there to get free EXP once the level cap comes out. Never realized my Sophia, my Ice character, had so many quests o_o

And, there you go! It had been a while since a GH one and it really is a pretty world, and I stuck with their simple hub: Northgard. Its really beautiful if you stop to look around :)

Not much time, as its a weekday, so hopefully by the next post Zafaria will be out.. and, hey, I *might* not post till after Thanksgiving either, so..

Hehe. Really, awesome holiday, then Christmas is soon. Have a great week, everyone, and..

Happy Adventuring!

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