Saturday, November 26, 2011

Zafaria - Drum Jungle/Basilisk

Looks a little like Floating Lands -> Zafariazed at first glance. We'll see!

o: so its like the Floating Lands, except with gorillas and raised platforms? I'm going to like this place.

BUT, its time for an intermission to increase my power before I start! Woot!

Every school has to fight an apparently resurrected Hoarder boss in DS (there's a boss called 'The Hoarder' in the Drake Hatchery, a lady soldier, and this boss with the same name, yet a ghostly Shadow-Web guy. Weird.) who has about 8500 health, is Death, no minions and doesn't cheat (but begins with 4 power pips). Anyways, its a lot easier than the Level 58 spell quest, and those bookshelves on the side are awesome.

Summoning a huge lizard in this setting is likely to damage the surroundings.. (lazy much, Drake?)

..Aaand he's munching on the lightpole. Great.

Incidentally, I still owe Mr. Lincoln damages. Worth it anyways! :P

First taste of an 8-pip spell from a mob enemy. Ouch.

But the enemies get their first taste of a 9-pip spell ;P

Its a pretty scene until you see the hand-print on the door.


Spider-Monkeys with backwards umbrellas as hats are still pretty tough ._.

Any coincidence that the darkness is emanating from the Graveyard?

Best. Password. Ever.

Missing Celestia?

In a guess that Morganthe caused this, her charges have been furthered to 'deforestation'.

Spider-webs looking like icicles, ew xD

Prettier back here though!

Boiler-ominous darkness-willow trees = epic picture

Kind of a rogue boiler too..

Sludge? X:

The narrator agrees with me!

Ick x2 o_o

Well, if I'm not going to stick to it and die, it looks prettier, to be honest.

Aaand, the Elephant Graveyard is next! Looks awesomely pretty ^.^ (pretty graveyard? Oxymoron much? Nevermind..)
Nearly done with Zafaria! I should be able to post tomorrow too, with my adventures through that weird-but-pretty graveyard.

Happy Adventuring!

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  1. Commenting on screenshots is so fun...
    Reading others is even better!

    And I so agree with you on the "ick"... spiders do me hate. Thanks for the the great post!


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