Sunday, November 20, 2011

Zafaria - Zamunda

Welcome to Zamunda! Where you first get tired of continuous rhinos. Fun.

Looks like they switched up a Floating Lands boss ground a little bit here ;)

Awww. He's shivering. Well, more rhinos to beat to free him.


And, the Outskirts and Zamunda are kind of the same, a few quests there
and a few quests here.

GRAHHH! Looks like he choked on a sandwich..

Mm, well, at least he's not shivering.

Thinks the elephants pollute the river..

First level 68 spell sighting!

Levitating elephants. Wonder how they can lift those pounds up in the air.


Kind of takes you back to the Mooshu scout towers, no?





Pretty sure its spelled 'meddlesome'..

And, death of an insane zebra who killed me once before.

I've advanced well past Zamunda today, but I'm taking it one post at a time, so I'm actually well ahead of here (just started Drum Jungle) but I can't keep up on my blog LOL. I should be able to post Stone Town/Waterfront on Wednesday, which I just finished. Hope everyone's enjoying the world and, for those quick-questers, their new spells :)

Happy Adventuring!

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