Saturday, November 19, 2011

Zafaria - Welcome!/Savannah

Yep, its time for series of posts without old song titles in them, Zafaria is out!
Excited? I got home for the weekend to a pleasant surprise.

To the rescue!

First look in. Wow. Just as amazed as when I stepped foot into CL.

Best place for a Council of Elders EVER. Up in the trees ^.^

Let me just say, there are some awesome amulets here that give about 200 health and a stackable blade of your school. The bad part = Myth mobs. Bleh. But, its only home to a couple quests to earn entrance into the Savannah, thankfully.

LOL, as soon as I heard the name Zafaria, I figured this would be the Zeke quest. Nice, Kingsisle xD now my 2 '60s bands are Zeke quests.
Ew? o_o

The next area! Hehe, it looks so epicly barren when you go in.

Kind of a toss up if this is beautiful or not, the toxic water-hole adds a certain effect..

Note that lions reside in this area, its not all scenery :P

This is the happiest message you get when you're fighting lions. You'll understand when you do this quest. Fire Lion Ravagers = the new Yeva Spiderkeeper & Crustacean Waverunners. Just saying.

Greattt. And ew, again. xD

Incidentally, the cauldron has fishbones and strange lumps.. yeah, I wouldn't eat out of it. Nice hut, though!

Tall librarian much..

This gives you an idea of how crowded it was on a Perfect Realm.


Since when did Vampires breath out question marks?

Confused? Its Medusa.

Hugs apparently confuse the Queen too..

Thats what I call a rock.

Mm, good halloween decor to put to use here.

Thanks to a random wizard, Nergal was overthrown! At one point he randomly put a Weakness on me, thinking he has the ability to cheat.. yeah, it wasn't that hard.

A-w-e-some view. Seriously.

Kinda hard to believe the past king was turned into a little giraffe.. no longer as cute, but its for the best, right?

And, following that, Arlen turned level 63! :) can't wait to try out the Zamunda Outskirts today. Lastly, here are my opinions on the first couple areas:

Its beautiful. The myth enemies in the Market are a pain, but the overcrowdiness of the first day got me a lot of help with that. If we had a view from the very tops of the trees up in the Baobab, even better! I'll have to see, I haven't finished ZF after all :P

Savannah - Its beautiful as well, but be prepared for a LOT of collect X from X quests. Those Zebra and lion(esses) get to be annoying. The bosses are great, the challenge factor for Queen Ghostmane is pretty big, 5k Fire with 2 minions at around 2k health. Aye. Managed to solo it after a failed first attempt. Nergal apparently cheats a little, but not much, so don't worry about those. Anyways, be prepared to become enemies with Fire Lion Ravagers. Just saying.

Anyways, I'm out to start some Zamunda Outskirts! Looks like some weird jackals need to go away. Next area of ZF post should be up tomorrow ^.^

Happy Adventuring!

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  1. The Savannah is indeed beautiful, isn't it? A bit depressing when you first set foot in it, but there is a certain exquisite minimalism to the scenery that grows on you. As far as scenery goes, my favorite area is probably Stone Town, but the Savannah is absolutely wonderful as well.


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