Saturday, November 5, 2011


Well, that was a lot faster than I thought.. "Zafaria" is out.
Where to start? Well, I'm sure you all know that the new world is out, and I've decided to hold off all of my opinions on it till it comes to Live.. after all, I haven't set foot in the world yet and I don't want to add spoilers to anyone else :) I've seen too much already, lol.
That severely limits stuff I could post, but, I'll talk about the other updates besides ZF.

Armor Piercing:
Pretty clever, also lessens the value of shields, spells a lot of us take for granted :P. It also improves simple accuracy spells by adding a pierce ability to them as well, which is awesome. Might not throw away those Snipers anymore.

More Pet Feeding:
This doesn't always work, I gave my Fierce Hound a VERY expensive item from the Test Realm and got less than 2000 gold. But, I got a Grendelweed from a unauctionable Black Mantle Deck which normally would have sold for little gold, so it definitely works for things like those random unauctionable fire level 25 items and such. More info coming on those benefits later, Petnome is doing a side project for it as well, so don't hesitate to submit there.

Music Players:
Great idea! We're only offered the WC & KT theme to buy right now, but apparently the other themes drop from bosses around the Spiral.. we'll see how you can get those, I could really use a MB theme.
Anyways, a couple pictures to end the post. I expected more from myself too, but I want to hold most of my Zafaria opinions till I actually go in it, and have a series of Zafarian adventures like the CL adventures starting here. Wow, those times were awesome, questing nonstop in awe at CL for 17 days. Hope Zafaria is like that. Great memories :).

.. No comment ..

Donna Spellthorn gave me a rhino ride. It honestly makes me more excited to get this mount for duel-boxing, so useful, and SO asking for this Super Bundle for Christmas.

Thanks to a Diana Wildheart Nightmare Pack I won in a Twitter contest, a Ghost Dragon was the top reward! Woot :) thanks Diana!

And, thats pretty much it. I'll try to get one of my segment posts (Sights of the Spiral/Where The Streets Have No Name) next week, otherwise I'll probably just wait till Zafaria hits Live and then have a bit of a posting explosion. Hope its like the Celestian adventures I had in 2010 again, though High School is busy.. its better than Middle School, though! Good luck to those who are trying out the Test Realm and..

Happy Adventuring! (using this old end-signature which I used in my CL-quests posts, hehe).

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  1. KI has gotten really good at releasing content in a timely manner. Wintertusk took two months to be released from the time it was announced, and Wysteria was just sprung on us, completely by surprise. Now Zafaria is being released two weeks after it's announced, and, considering the mess that was made out of the Celestia hype last year (six months- which was a longer time than KI projected) I have to say, "Well done, Kingsisle!"


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