Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Zafaria - Stone Town/Waterfront

Kind of goes out of the way here to get a little Indian themed, no?

That must be a sturdy couch..

What a "fishy" situation.

Pretty ^.^


I have a feeling he wants to go home..

That wizard is pretty similar to me :P

Thank goodness thats a toy o_O

New world hints, anyone?

Is that a mafia Elephant in the corner..?

More rhinos kinda ruins the scenery

More drama, mafia elephants and corrupted Councilors!

Wouldn't want to ride here.

Do I look fat in this? Of course!

Caught Fallon trying to copy my style! Hmph :P

Impersonators. Psh.

And now to enter this strange-looking rock mountain..

I KNEW I looked fat in this.

Unsurprisingly, corrupted councilors aren't very tough


Silly glowing holes, wizards can't be hypnotized.

Is it me or does the boss have a gas mask?
Fallon would end up getting a ZF Music scroll AND a Leopard pet from this battle - it appears the Leopard pet drops from several big bosses in ZF, so there's an awesome possible farming spot. (Belloq, who was in a picture earlier in the post, drops it too)

Receiving of Basilisk and the Drum Jungle is next (which I'm just finishing right now). I'll probably post once this weekend. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! :) woot for start of the holidays!

Happy Adventuring!

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