Sunday, May 29, 2011

1, 2, Contest!

1 - 1 year and 255 posts
2 - 2nd anniversary of DiaryOfAWizard
Contest- a race, conflict, or other competition between rivals, as for a prize.
2. struggle for victory or superiority. 3. A friendly, easy competition from Wizard101 Bloggers.

When I first started, Mycin was LvL 42 & Tarlac was LvL 7, and Sophia wasn't even close to wizard-dom. Come pretty far :D. Its been a whole year since I started blogging & the first, huge, Ravenwood Ball was born. So, this year's Ravenwood Ball (<--- LINKY!!!) will take place, ironically, kind of, on my IRL birthday, June 25th. The first one was on my blog-aversary, LOL!
Can you believe these prizes? Check DoaW for the details on how to go them. Amaaazing.
Since it's my blog-aversary as well, here's a sub-contest, since I seem to have a LOT of treasure cards crowding my spell deck..

First Prize: 26 Gargantuan, 12 Elucidate, 13 Tower Shields , 23 Empower
Second Prize: 3 Simplify, 3 Frozen Armor, 7 Steal Ward, 5 Legion Shield
Third Prize: 8 Monstrous, 22 Dryad, 1 Sprite Guardian, 1 Regenerate
Fourth: 21 Heckhound, 26 Vengeance, 5 Hydra, 6 Steal Charm
Fifth: 23 Pierce, 1 Shatter, 1 Talos Minion, 26 Vengeance
Sixth: 9 Amplify, 21 Fortify, 15 Balanceblade, 9 Hex
Seventh: 15 Feint, 3 Virulent Plague, 1 Scarecrow, 1 Dark Pact
Eighth: 2 Supercharge, 6 Wild Bolt, 2 Insane Bolt, 1 Tempest, 1 KIFreeGames Code
Ninth: 2 Judgement, 9 Mander Minion, 2 Availing Hands, 1 KIFreeGames Code
Tenth: 3 KIFreeGames Codes

-You must follow the blog (check the very bottom of the page)
-You must have a legible e-mail account

--- E-Mail, DM (Twitter), or comment on this post for confirmation you are in the contest. Include all your wizard names. I will go to for everyone who meets the rules! ---

Can't believe its been a year. And can't wait till the 25th! My birthday of course, but the Ball too ;) hopefully I can make it! Good luck in the Contest, I will give everyone a week, and post the results next Sunday :).

Happy Farming!

P.S. Sorry for the very-hard-to-read font at part of the beginning. Just scroll over it so it becomes blue :P technical font problem /:

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A Generous Blue Efreet, Among Others..

Its been a busy 3 days for the Spiral! I got to do a bit more over the weekend and managed to be one of the first to explore the Massive Sultan's Palace on Tuesday, which is totally going on my Birthday Wish List (its in a month, so can't have it yet! :P).

First, we start out with the oldest stuff I haven't posted - that is, Sophia's end journey through CL! All those Pisceans are intimidating O_o.
After a bit of work and being a bit of a 'night owl' once, the Crustacean Empire was in my icy grasp ^_^.

Snow Angel liked the peacefulness of this sunken-temple area, with cute fire Lophians to kill :)

..and Calypso, soon after. I agree, the Pirate Ship seriously needs to be a house. And I managed to solo Glauco/Angler Warlord - a tough duo, which was fun. Needed a bit of help for the pesky Hexfin ice guys though :o.

Right before running the Chancel, this was how close I was to becoming a GM Artisan xD. Sure enough, several Sandstones later..

My third! :D I proceeded to make a Sudrilund Hat, finishing all of her gear, and a little stitching.

Now we get to the fun part, which I'm sure you've all heard about. Pictured above is a crowd gathered, waiting for Luke Goldhorn's -one of the very first recipients of the "MSP"- house to work for him. Ended up sneaking back on later - Luke's hasn't worked yet due to a bug (some got the house before the actual release date, for June 1st I think, so a few people have some errors getting to the 'MSP') but I snuck on later to view the amazing place that someone else got their hands on. Oh, kudos to Amber Unicornflower for being THE first to show us pictures even before Tuesday, making us all hungry for more. Gotta be jealous of her father who works for Kingsisle ;P. Very well done, doing as much work as she has already on the new place!

Once per day, you get a generous blue Efreet.

I got a measly Storm Shark TC :P. The best reward I've heard of so far is a King Parsley and (separate) a Sunstone. Hopefully will get lucky later on.

GOLD! Gah, so awesome.

Walls... ceilings... so pwetty...

Here's the picture that leads to the Genie/pretty Gold mine. Just walk through it, lol.

Duel Circle.. in the middle of a man-made pond. Sweeet.

Reminds me of a Vineyard or something - that little space is good for gardening, I suppose.

Entrance/Lion-head O_o


Even a little desert (waatterr..)

This is a pretty good lake, and a nice full look at some of the outside! :)

AH, disappearing huge gold chest! WTG on the mirage, btw :P

Its not too hard to get lost in the hallways /:

Golden Cyclops O_O. To give you a better look, the latest videos here give you a good idea of the extras on the 'MSP' & a walkthrough. Well, all in all, its pretty awesome, right? Have a good weekend :)

Happy Exploring!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Legendary Deck Setups

Less than a month till School ends! Then I'll pretty much be free :D. Had a good time yesterday, and the next post will chronicle Sophia & endgame, but for now out of an idea from a post by Fin and a continuation of a guide I made long ago, here's my current deck setups for those Legendary wizards: *Notice: All decks have an extra stackable school-blade too from Sudrilund Hats*

Arlen's Mob Deck. Amulet: (gives) Balanceblade & Hex (although I want the BB & Tower one lol).

This is a 4v4 deck I put together for parties & maybe I'll really use it one day, and I'm sure its not the best, but its ok enough. Myth, as you can tell :P. Amulet: Reshuffle

This was Arlen's Boss deck in WT, and good for CL & DS too (shields, if you have Tower or the boss is a school you can shields against). Talos Minion is the newest addition, and its pretty cool :) Amulet: Balanceblade/Hex

Mycin's Mob deck, should put an extra Garg+Tempest in there, lol. Maybe a Pixie too, in case, and of course shields permitting. Amulet: (insert name of Storm Attack Bubble here. BTW, many of my decks will have the Balanceblade/Tower Shield amulet once I get it).

Mycin's Boss deck (again, shields permitting as will be for every deck). I like to Bolt off the minions ASAP, lol. Maybe I'll put in 'Insane Bolt' when I get it. Maybe. Amulet: Feint

I thought I'd give my own demonstration of WW boss decks for Tarlac, as I've done it twice on him (but no gear.. grrr). This is for the final boss(es), Sylster & co. Lifetraps & Blades are in case someone hits without any traps/blades on themselves and I'll put, for example, a Lifetrap on the boss so the hit won't trigger his "Power Ra". Guiding Lights don't work, sadly. Amulet: Feint

Tarlac's self-Mob deck, remember I have a Satyr pet in case :P. Amulet: Satyr & Seraph

Luska Charmbeak deck. Triage in case someone makes her bring out a cheat Skeletal Dragon or "Super-Power Link" :o. Feints there because my team used Spirit Defuse so the traps could work without her cheating. Amulet: Feint

Dugan's Boss deck. Amulet: Feint as you can see xD have a Helephant pet too for now.

Dugan's Mob deck. Amulet: Wyldfire

Sophia Boss deck. Shields were for a Myth Boss atm, lol. Amulet: Balanceblade & Tower Shield

Sophia's Mob deck. Amulet: Balanceblade & Tower Shield
Hope that helps! I don't have too much time so I gotta run and craft a couple things before I have to get off in half an hour.

Happy Farming!

Saturday, May 21, 2011


*insert catchy greeting here* So, I officially finished WT, among other things :)

One of the catchscenes, gotta love those

Mixed-up picture here :P at the end :)

What could I ask for? SWEET talents. I hatched with Paige Moonshade who had a Spritely/Spell Proof (and Durable, hopefully that will stay away :P) Fierce Hound. Proof, Spritely & Pip O'Plenty are 3/4 of my 'want talents', last is Feinting Spell which I'll hopefully hatch for later. Can't wait to train him tomorrow. Miss Gracie is a very nice Wyvern!

On the first try! I'll eventually take it off for a Sudrilund crafted hat, but its good for now :)

Got Sophia's Hat & Shoes, Arlen's Shoes on the first try and Sophia & Arlen's Robe on the second, so, success! I also got the Baconator Shoes on Arlen, woot :D. Sophia looks like a nerdy librarian, haha. I did a 3rd today on Tarlac with some others on a fun run, talking with them on Skype and my first without dual-boxing 2 accounts (annoying IMHO :P) but didn't get anything of use :/ (except the usual Mega Snacks and a bit of gold) but trying again more tomorrow, probably.

I passed this on a wacky rug-glitchy MFP, and the view was just... well, wacky! It was pretty darn cool, so it was pic-worthy.

Sophia's final look as the Librarian ;P

I figured out how to get on that ledge as mentioned in that last post - there seems to be an invisible little bridge or something. So, I'm standing on air! :D

Thought this was interesting in Luska Charmbeak's Lair. She's a fun boss, and no minions. Drops the WT Hats. There's an awesome guide by a very nice friend of mine from Central that I'd recommend if you have trouble with the Waterworks bosses. Fun challenges IMO :D

Finished Science Center on Sophia, and this was a common message. But, they were my first big experiences with mobs & Snow Angel, so I've figured out a good, quick strategy. Crustacean Empire tomorrow, maybe. IRL, my Grandma is making the journey here tomorrow, which is a fun surprise, we always go to see her xD. Be fun to show her the house and everything, plus I've got the Waterworks to do of course, so tomorrow should be pretty fun. And, lastly, me & Mistheart recorded for the Lounge Wizards podcast today, so you can hear my fuzzy (technical issues :P) voice and his talking about the game in the 2nd episode HERE. The turnout wasn't bad, but we're doing recorded sessions till we get the hang of it as RR first did. Its a pretty big deal, so I'll possibly talk more about that. Oh, and Judgement Day passed with hardly anything uneventful at all. I wasn't really worried, but the fun thing is to see the believers' reaction tomorrow to that, lol. I'm religious and all, but as a scripture says, "only God knows the exact date", and all these weird mathematics to prove today will be it is kinda ridiculous. But, this is a W101 related blog, so I'll stop now. Have a good week!

Happy Farming!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Birds Are The Words

With school coming to a close, I'm forced to not be able to be on as much, so I don't think I'll do the Waterworks till this Summer or big dungeons, at least. But, I'm still on a bit! Anyways, lets get to the post :)

Arlen and Sophia finished up everything except Nostrand in the last week! Here's part of the awesome Gramma cutscene :P

Hornwood and Maple Trees. Austrilund!

Not exactly a warm welcome though :-&

Honestly, I'd never be brave enough to get the honey, but its a game after all ;)

Ice Trolls o_o. How can an inanimate object be hungry?

And of course, the Abominable Forest Lord, looks like it ate something bad when it dies xD

I'm guessing you can get across there in a side quest, but otherwise, I'm not sure why there's a Silver Chest there.

Saw this WT amulet (Wyrm-something..) in the Bazaar with 1 in stock, and WHOA, that costs more than a house O_o

One of the Sudriland crafted hats, I love the extra stackable school Blade. So, I've made several so far, that one, Arlen's.

YMIR! What a beard.

I get the throne now, evil Ravens! Was helping a friend with Nostrand, got a Balanceblade/Hex amulet. Wanted Balanceblade/Tower Shield one, but better than nothing :) plus it was a learning experience, it was a little easier - but longer - than I thought. Friend got the Lifeforce Blade too! :D

Nostrilund lava.. and snow.. :o

At least Wizard101 discussions are much more fun than real life ones!

Delighted indeed ;) woot!

One picture disappeared, but I'm too lazy to show Sophia's Volkir Rimeaxe ending. Took 2 tries, fun battle :)

What a sight, I wanna walk onto that cloud... *AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH*

Thanks, Greyrose! Snow Angel is surprisingly powerful. Loving it.

I went ahead and beat this guy for a side quest (but didn't turn it in, seeing my EXP-saving self). Every 5 rounds (first one included) he says something along the lines of "You must help each other to defeat me!" and puts on a 65% Tower Shield. I shared a Balanceblade, and he took it right off, as Ptolemos would do. Not too hard though.

Had fun with the 5 minute Raven transformation!


*tackles Sudri*

Ok, enough already xD

Golden Apple Tree! This is straight from Greek Mythology, where Hercules had to retrieve this for one of his 12 tasks. Harder though, believe me.

Jaws: Arctic Version.

Bear funeral D:

Sweet. And I hear this is a furniture item in the newest Becketts! MUST GET ONE!

MIDNIGHT OBJECTS! Well yes, not the greatest name for a Frog either, LOL. Got a sweet Storm Ring from the Boss who planned to cook Midnight. SHAME!

NO WYVERN OMELET FOR YOU, FROST GOBLINS! There's that extra Raven picture too. Blogger is messed up sometimes :/. Anyways,

Happy Questing!