Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A Generous Blue Efreet, Among Others..

Its been a busy 3 days for the Spiral! I got to do a bit more over the weekend and managed to be one of the first to explore the Massive Sultan's Palace on Tuesday, which is totally going on my Birthday Wish List (its in a month, so can't have it yet! :P).

First, we start out with the oldest stuff I haven't posted - that is, Sophia's end journey through CL! All those Pisceans are intimidating O_o.
After a bit of work and being a bit of a 'night owl' once, the Crustacean Empire was in my icy grasp ^_^.

Snow Angel liked the peacefulness of this sunken-temple area, with cute fire Lophians to kill :)

..and Calypso, soon after. I agree, the Pirate Ship seriously needs to be a house. And I managed to solo Glauco/Angler Warlord - a tough duo, which was fun. Needed a bit of help for the pesky Hexfin ice guys though :o.

Right before running the Chancel, this was how close I was to becoming a GM Artisan xD. Sure enough, several Sandstones later..

My third! :D I proceeded to make a Sudrilund Hat, finishing all of her gear, and a little stitching.

Now we get to the fun part, which I'm sure you've all heard about. Pictured above is a crowd gathered, waiting for Luke Goldhorn's -one of the very first recipients of the "MSP"- house to work for him. Ended up sneaking back on later - Luke's hasn't worked yet due to a bug (some got the house before the actual release date, for June 1st I think, so a few people have some errors getting to the 'MSP') but I snuck on later to view the amazing place that someone else got their hands on. Oh, kudos to Amber Unicornflower for being THE first to show us pictures even before Tuesday, making us all hungry for more. Gotta be jealous of her father who works for Kingsisle ;P. Very well done, doing as much work as she has already on the new place!

Once per day, you get a generous blue Efreet.

I got a measly Storm Shark TC :P. The best reward I've heard of so far is a King Parsley and (separate) a Sunstone. Hopefully will get lucky later on.

GOLD! Gah, so awesome.

Walls... ceilings... so pwetty...

Here's the picture that leads to the Genie/pretty Gold mine. Just walk through it, lol.

Duel Circle.. in the middle of a man-made pond. Sweeet.

Reminds me of a Vineyard or something - that little space is good for gardening, I suppose.

Entrance/Lion-head O_o


Even a little desert (waatterr..)

This is a pretty good lake, and a nice full look at some of the outside! :)

AH, disappearing huge gold chest! WTG on the mirage, btw :P

Its not too hard to get lost in the hallways /:

Golden Cyclops O_O. To give you a better look, the latest videos here give you a good idea of the extras on the 'MSP' & a walkthrough. Well, all in all, its pretty awesome, right? Have a good weekend :)

Happy Exploring!

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