Sunday, May 29, 2011

1, 2, Contest!

1 - 1 year and 255 posts
2 - 2nd anniversary of DiaryOfAWizard
Contest- a race, conflict, or other competition between rivals, as for a prize.
2. struggle for victory or superiority. 3. A friendly, easy competition from Wizard101 Bloggers.

When I first started, Mycin was LvL 42 & Tarlac was LvL 7, and Sophia wasn't even close to wizard-dom. Come pretty far :D. Its been a whole year since I started blogging & the first, huge, Ravenwood Ball was born. So, this year's Ravenwood Ball (<--- LINKY!!!) will take place, ironically, kind of, on my IRL birthday, June 25th. The first one was on my blog-aversary, LOL!
Can you believe these prizes? Check DoaW for the details on how to go them. Amaaazing.
Since it's my blog-aversary as well, here's a sub-contest, since I seem to have a LOT of treasure cards crowding my spell deck..

First Prize: 26 Gargantuan, 12 Elucidate, 13 Tower Shields , 23 Empower
Second Prize: 3 Simplify, 3 Frozen Armor, 7 Steal Ward, 5 Legion Shield
Third Prize: 8 Monstrous, 22 Dryad, 1 Sprite Guardian, 1 Regenerate
Fourth: 21 Heckhound, 26 Vengeance, 5 Hydra, 6 Steal Charm
Fifth: 23 Pierce, 1 Shatter, 1 Talos Minion, 26 Vengeance
Sixth: 9 Amplify, 21 Fortify, 15 Balanceblade, 9 Hex
Seventh: 15 Feint, 3 Virulent Plague, 1 Scarecrow, 1 Dark Pact
Eighth: 2 Supercharge, 6 Wild Bolt, 2 Insane Bolt, 1 Tempest, 1 KIFreeGames Code
Ninth: 2 Judgement, 9 Mander Minion, 2 Availing Hands, 1 KIFreeGames Code
Tenth: 3 KIFreeGames Codes

-You must follow the blog (check the very bottom of the page)
-You must have a legible e-mail account

--- E-Mail, DM (Twitter), or comment on this post for confirmation you are in the contest. Include all your wizard names. I will go to for everyone who meets the rules! ---

Can't believe its been a year. And can't wait till the 25th! My birthday of course, but the Ball too ;) hopefully I can make it! Good luck in the Contest, I will give everyone a week, and post the results next Sunday :).

Happy Farming!

P.S. Sorry for the very-hard-to-read font at part of the beginning. Just scroll over it so it becomes blue :P technical font problem /:


  1. Happy Birthday in advance (I'll probably forget it by then)!
    All of my wizard names:
    Victoria Spiritblossom - Life
    Cori Darkmask - Death
    Myrna Thundercloud - Storm
    Nicole Winterbreeze - Ice
    Elizabeth Darkeyes - Myth
    Melissa Raventail - Balance

    My email is
    Thanks for the contest!

  2. Happy b-day! on the 25th that is! (Early, I know but I'll forget by then so....)
    Dusting Griffinflame - Death
    Samuel Thunderban - Balance
    William Griffinflame - Ice

    Email- I'll use my sisters. She doesn't use it anymore- is

  3. Hey Arlen! Congrats on the year anniversary!

    Sloan Shadowstaff: Death
    Ronan Hexgiver: Balance
    Blaze Anglewielder:Life
    Charles Mythcaster: Myth
    Oran Thuderhammer: Fire
    Angel Stormstaff: Storm

    Second Account:
    Haley Smith: Ice

    Thanks for the contest!

    -The Active Necro


Have a splendiferous day! :)