Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Birds Are The Words

With school coming to a close, I'm forced to not be able to be on as much, so I don't think I'll do the Waterworks till this Summer or big dungeons, at least. But, I'm still on a bit! Anyways, lets get to the post :)

Arlen and Sophia finished up everything except Nostrand in the last week! Here's part of the awesome Gramma cutscene :P

Hornwood and Maple Trees. Austrilund!

Not exactly a warm welcome though :-&

Honestly, I'd never be brave enough to get the honey, but its a game after all ;)

Ice Trolls o_o. How can an inanimate object be hungry?

And of course, the Abominable Forest Lord, looks like it ate something bad when it dies xD

I'm guessing you can get across there in a side quest, but otherwise, I'm not sure why there's a Silver Chest there.

Saw this WT amulet (Wyrm-something..) in the Bazaar with 1 in stock, and WHOA, that costs more than a house O_o

One of the Sudriland crafted hats, I love the extra stackable school Blade. So, I've made several so far, that one, Arlen's.

YMIR! What a beard.

I get the throne now, evil Ravens! Was helping a friend with Nostrand, got a Balanceblade/Hex amulet. Wanted Balanceblade/Tower Shield one, but better than nothing :) plus it was a learning experience, it was a little easier - but longer - than I thought. Friend got the Lifeforce Blade too! :D

Nostrilund lava.. and snow.. :o

At least Wizard101 discussions are much more fun than real life ones!

Delighted indeed ;) woot!

One picture disappeared, but I'm too lazy to show Sophia's Volkir Rimeaxe ending. Took 2 tries, fun battle :)

What a sight, I wanna walk onto that cloud... *AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH*

Thanks, Greyrose! Snow Angel is surprisingly powerful. Loving it.

I went ahead and beat this guy for a side quest (but didn't turn it in, seeing my EXP-saving self). Every 5 rounds (first one included) he says something along the lines of "You must help each other to defeat me!" and puts on a 65% Tower Shield. I shared a Balanceblade, and he took it right off, as Ptolemos would do. Not too hard though.

Had fun with the 5 minute Raven transformation!


*tackles Sudri*

Ok, enough already xD

Golden Apple Tree! This is straight from Greek Mythology, where Hercules had to retrieve this for one of his 12 tasks. Harder though, believe me.

Jaws: Arctic Version.

Bear funeral D:

Sweet. And I hear this is a furniture item in the newest Becketts! MUST GET ONE!

MIDNIGHT OBJECTS! Well yes, not the greatest name for a Frog either, LOL. Got a sweet Storm Ring from the Boss who planned to cook Midnight. SHAME!

NO WYVERN OMELET FOR YOU, FROST GOBLINS! There's that extra Raven picture too. Blogger is messed up sometimes :/. Anyways,

Happy Questing!


  1. Nice guys!!! I am looking forward to that Beckett horn item XD

  2. Had fun with the transformation too. Didn't know I had transformed either til I had 3 min left. (was on mount and not paying attn) LOL


Have a splendiferous day! :)