Thursday, May 5, 2011

Ymir, Grum, Krag - Weird Names In The Same Questline

Points to anyone who can get which boss says the following excerpt ;)


Rowr. Scary?

Ooh! Sure :D


With Wintertusk, the Coven plans to wake up the Ice Titan. Yet, this one comes awake to aid me.. must be a brother or clone O_o. So, after a bit of walking & fighting (getting a Death Ninja for the 2nd account from Yakedo in the process, too :P)...

Bringing a Rainbow Bridge to Wizard City - sweet. I don't understand why I can't just go to Grizzleheim, though, lol.

"Magical heat"!

Doesn't that look like the one Granny Raven carries? Mystery solved :)

I don't see why Ymir would have a brother with the same name. So.. its a clone!

Paranoia of Trolls, much?




Plus, I finished off the rest of DS, with 'Lord Elvis' by my side :P. HI FATHER DRAKE!

Ooh, lava volcano tunnel :D

DON-DON-DONNN. Time for Malistaire *cackle*. I'll do that today (including the Gurtoks, for once!) I bought the first areas of CL a while ago, so that awaits next :)

Ymir back in his "icy fastness". Speaking of which, I'll hopefully complete Jotun today, too, so Ravenscar is next, but I don't think I'll have the Crowns for a couple days at least :/. They are resetting the Test Realm (pretty bad news, off for a whole day, BUT hopefully they fixed all of the bugs found) so thats probably news that Wintertusk won't arrive in the LR for at least another week, giving Sophia more time. LvL 60 (Waterworks runs) + completion of GH (Wintertusk) vs. the ticking clock of WT going Live. Okay, I'm guessing I'll need 20k more Crowns to buy the rest of the game, hopefully I can convince parents for me to spend $60 on the Crowns deal again (and I'll still have a lot of Crowns for other things left over, maybe gift Arlen something :P). See, they are hesitant on me spending my own $$$ on a game, lol. Hopefully I can buy some (heck, I'll even wash the dishes -.-) so, until next time -

Happy Questing!
-Next post will probably be my opinion on the "Mystery Composer" music, let me just say, I want Nelson Everhart back for the next world xD-

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