Monday, May 23, 2011

Legendary Deck Setups

Less than a month till School ends! Then I'll pretty much be free :D. Had a good time yesterday, and the next post will chronicle Sophia & endgame, but for now out of an idea from a post by Fin and a continuation of a guide I made long ago, here's my current deck setups for those Legendary wizards: *Notice: All decks have an extra stackable school-blade too from Sudrilund Hats*

Arlen's Mob Deck. Amulet: (gives) Balanceblade & Hex (although I want the BB & Tower one lol).

This is a 4v4 deck I put together for parties & maybe I'll really use it one day, and I'm sure its not the best, but its ok enough. Myth, as you can tell :P. Amulet: Reshuffle

This was Arlen's Boss deck in WT, and good for CL & DS too (shields, if you have Tower or the boss is a school you can shields against). Talos Minion is the newest addition, and its pretty cool :) Amulet: Balanceblade/Hex

Mycin's Mob deck, should put an extra Garg+Tempest in there, lol. Maybe a Pixie too, in case, and of course shields permitting. Amulet: (insert name of Storm Attack Bubble here. BTW, many of my decks will have the Balanceblade/Tower Shield amulet once I get it).

Mycin's Boss deck (again, shields permitting as will be for every deck). I like to Bolt off the minions ASAP, lol. Maybe I'll put in 'Insane Bolt' when I get it. Maybe. Amulet: Feint

I thought I'd give my own demonstration of WW boss decks for Tarlac, as I've done it twice on him (but no gear.. grrr). This is for the final boss(es), Sylster & co. Lifetraps & Blades are in case someone hits without any traps/blades on themselves and I'll put, for example, a Lifetrap on the boss so the hit won't trigger his "Power Ra". Guiding Lights don't work, sadly. Amulet: Feint

Tarlac's self-Mob deck, remember I have a Satyr pet in case :P. Amulet: Satyr & Seraph

Luska Charmbeak deck. Triage in case someone makes her bring out a cheat Skeletal Dragon or "Super-Power Link" :o. Feints there because my team used Spirit Defuse so the traps could work without her cheating. Amulet: Feint

Dugan's Boss deck. Amulet: Feint as you can see xD have a Helephant pet too for now.

Dugan's Mob deck. Amulet: Wyldfire

Sophia Boss deck. Shields were for a Myth Boss atm, lol. Amulet: Balanceblade & Tower Shield

Sophia's Mob deck. Amulet: Balanceblade & Tower Shield
Hope that helps! I don't have too much time so I gotta run and craft a couple things before I have to get off in half an hour.

Happy Farming!

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