Saturday, May 21, 2011


*insert catchy greeting here* So, I officially finished WT, among other things :)

One of the catchscenes, gotta love those

Mixed-up picture here :P at the end :)

What could I ask for? SWEET talents. I hatched with Paige Moonshade who had a Spritely/Spell Proof (and Durable, hopefully that will stay away :P) Fierce Hound. Proof, Spritely & Pip O'Plenty are 3/4 of my 'want talents', last is Feinting Spell which I'll hopefully hatch for later. Can't wait to train him tomorrow. Miss Gracie is a very nice Wyvern!

On the first try! I'll eventually take it off for a Sudrilund crafted hat, but its good for now :)

Got Sophia's Hat & Shoes, Arlen's Shoes on the first try and Sophia & Arlen's Robe on the second, so, success! I also got the Baconator Shoes on Arlen, woot :D. Sophia looks like a nerdy librarian, haha. I did a 3rd today on Tarlac with some others on a fun run, talking with them on Skype and my first without dual-boxing 2 accounts (annoying IMHO :P) but didn't get anything of use :/ (except the usual Mega Snacks and a bit of gold) but trying again more tomorrow, probably.

I passed this on a wacky rug-glitchy MFP, and the view was just... well, wacky! It was pretty darn cool, so it was pic-worthy.

Sophia's final look as the Librarian ;P

I figured out how to get on that ledge as mentioned in that last post - there seems to be an invisible little bridge or something. So, I'm standing on air! :D

Thought this was interesting in Luska Charmbeak's Lair. She's a fun boss, and no minions. Drops the WT Hats. There's an awesome guide by a very nice friend of mine from Central that I'd recommend if you have trouble with the Waterworks bosses. Fun challenges IMO :D

Finished Science Center on Sophia, and this was a common message. But, they were my first big experiences with mobs & Snow Angel, so I've figured out a good, quick strategy. Crustacean Empire tomorrow, maybe. IRL, my Grandma is making the journey here tomorrow, which is a fun surprise, we always go to see her xD. Be fun to show her the house and everything, plus I've got the Waterworks to do of course, so tomorrow should be pretty fun. And, lastly, me & Mistheart recorded for the Lounge Wizards podcast today, so you can hear my fuzzy (technical issues :P) voice and his talking about the game in the 2nd episode HERE. The turnout wasn't bad, but we're doing recorded sessions till we get the hang of it as RR first did. Its a pretty big deal, so I'll possibly talk more about that. Oh, and Judgement Day passed with hardly anything uneventful at all. I wasn't really worried, but the fun thing is to see the believers' reaction tomorrow to that, lol. I'm religious and all, but as a scripture says, "only God knows the exact date", and all these weird mathematics to prove today will be it is kinda ridiculous. But, this is a W101 related blog, so I'll stop now. Have a good week!

Happy Farming!

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