Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!

Posting this RIGHT at Midnight, woot! I'm way too busy to put pictures saying "Happy New Year" or anything right now, so I hope you can read through a long post with just text everywhere (I find myself nodding off reading things with just plain text sometimes, lol). ANYWAY, I'm back from Arizona, which was awesome.

Day 1: 5-hour flight, read Hunger Games the whole way, which is a great book, can't wait till I get the second. So, arrive at 9-something MTN time, forced into a huge family gathering at Uncles small house (lets call him Bob), watch people open a ton of presents, have a good time, find self nodding off, go to sleep at Midnight in hotel (which feels like 2AM EST, jet lag).

Day 2: Sleep late, watch A Christmas Story on TV and old Rose Bowls on ESPN Classic, go to other Uncles huge $Mil-dollar house (lets call him George), climb a small mountain by the house (great view) make Gingerbread houses (our group made a Tiki Bar with a drunk person throwing up outside (purple candy). The other made a church. Kinda different...), ate a fancy dinner, endless family chatter, go home tired again and fall asleep at 11-ish MTN time.

Day 3: Hotel TV watching, sad Christmas is over and, to be honest, I don't remember anything else that happened that day :P

Day 4: Go out for lunch, soon off to Uncle Bobs, watched TV there, then off on a long drive to some mountain near Tucson, many car games and chatter. Off on a 2-mile dirt road which feels like 1/2 an hour, arrive in the middle of nowhere, meet family friends. Arrive, wait for others who are murdering a duck, unload truck with chairs and stuff. Everyone is back, snacks finished, others off to murder multiple doves, I learn how to shoot a BB gun, pretty cool. Gets dark, I watch Bobs dog seek out the dead doves, who is gobbling a decapitated dove-head in the process ._. Next, its dark, very good stargazing available, family gathers to talk and eat, drive home, smells of smoke because of campfire, goes to sleep.

Day 5-8: Uncle George goes to the Alamo Bowl in Texas to eventually watch Arizona get beat up in a bowl game, me and mom get his HUGE house (woot!) to ourselves, I pig out on the endless snacks and watch huge TV for 3 days. Bowl games and Criminal Minds (creepy...), basically. Go to Bobs house on one of those days, have fun with cousins and with hyper-active dog. Today, woke up at 9 MTN (jet lag gone), off to a pit stop at a breakfast place (Cinnamon roll and sausages :D), say bye to Aunt, go through security, wait at gate for an hour, 5-hour flight (magazine and book reading), baggage claim, long Metro ride, walk home and now I've been up here for a couple hours catching up on the Wizzy blogs and watching ABC New Years thingy (I just learned Ke$ha is my least favorite singer). Popcorn, tweeting, watching, waiting, and its 2011!!! Lastly, here's what I got for Christmas...

  • Wireless indoor helicopter (toy, mind you. Not very mature, but I've always wanted one xD)
  • $30 Gamestop gift card and $20 Wizard101 gift card, going to pay the extra $10 for the Epic $40 Gamestop gift card soon ;)
  • $10 and $20 Target/Walmart gift card (you know what I'm buying with those :D)
  • Bible literacy book (you know what the TRUE meaning of Christmas is, right?)
  • Sweatshirt
  • Huge Peanuts 60 anniversary book, and soon a new backpack
  • Gravity ball that supposedly looks like its floating with certain tricks. I'll watch the DvD with it and get the hang of that tomorrow

I also have a few more from my grandma which I'm waiting to open tonight (dad gets home later from a party) which I'm pretty sure are comic books, hehe.

New Years resolutions...

  • Cut down the tweeting a little
  • Spider Golem pet ('nuff said)
  • All furniture for my MB house acquired
  • Dugan and Tarlac = Legendary
  • Get to be a little more techy with computers

Writers Block at the moment on other stuff, but anyway, have a great 2011 and let it not be filled with war and disasters. 358 days till Christmas!

Happy Partying and post-holidays depression havings! (well, it happens to me, lol)

Friday, December 24, 2010

Mele Kalikimaka!

Since Tarlac hit the Floating Land this morning...

-Die Alien!-
I'll leave you with a tropical theme today. I'm visiting Arizona for a week (family) but I'll try to take the computer, but doubt I will get much time (I'll tweet though :D). So, to everyone, have a Merry Christmas!

Ah, Hawaii...






or homever you say it...



Happy Holidays!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

GM Gardener :)

So, after getting home from a half-day of school (WOOT Winter Break!) all my Deadly Fly-guys were Elder! As I was expecting (and hoping!) they gave 3000 GXP o_O

The Rewards. Wraith TC? Woah! (it can only sell for 300 though, so I'd keep it :P). More importantly, look at the badge! Woohoo! For now, I'm going to make a Pink Dandelion garden since they give rare harvest reagents and are pretty easy to take care of. Not just quitting now :).
So, in other news...
Thurston Plunkett is now a frog (suits him right ;P)
I just noticed this, the Legendary Vial used to just give Time of Legend (just like the Black Widow's amulet, but costing more) but I got it as a drop and *jaw-drop* IT HAZ FROG! Way better than my Moon amulet (which I sold. heheheh.) but most of the time I'm still sticking with the Feint one, although this will come in handy on Kensington Park runs. Mycin's getting to 58 soon too! I'll leave you with...

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Updates on wizards (12/21)

I'm a Pork Chopper! Yum! Awesome drawing of my nightlight, its just my face that looks a little different... but its a great drawing, I can never draw a W101 avatar of any kind. Thumbs up to John Spiritshade, as well as Alric Ravensinger who can draw madly too. Speaking of which, I went in with the NightOwls team in Miklai's race (visit if you don't know what I mean) vs. Malistaire with Tarlac, and so I have a 3rd Savior of the Spiral - sweet!

Nice hit Alric -as Isaac-! In another wizards news, Mycin crushed the Cephalopods Avatar and the Lunarium and is just starting the Science Center!

I got some crazy XP in this short period of time, and am almost LVL 57 (do I see Leviathan on the horizon?). Mycin is in no hurry, and is questing with Blaze Stormthief, a humorous wizard who is very fun to chat with at night (a nightowl himself, I'd say, we did this past Midnight while I was waiting for the eclipse). Look for a "huge" blog post from him soon for further info on his travels and our recent questing :).

...Didn't you know there was a Lunar Eclipse last night?
...From 1:30-4 in the morning, lol. I saw the '08 eclipse, but wanted to refresh my memory so I found a spot by a window and my binoculars. If you've never seen a Lunar Eclipse, its a little underwhelming, just the full moon becomes a half-moon in a period of about 1/2-1 hour and then is reddish for an hour or so. Next time I'll sleep through it, I'm sure, but it was still cool ;). What I really want is a Solar Eclipse, which is due in 2017 (why doesn't the US ever get one???) so I'll need to buy some really type of special glasses to look at that when I'm an adult. Lastly, go pick up your Silent Nightcap in-game now, its out for everyone! Did a little holiday-shopping yesterday, and I'm certain my dad got the $40 epic giftcard, woot! I also got several books, one which I read in 2-3 hours straight (Diary of a Wimpy kid if you must know, hilarious) and the other I get on Christmas (huge Peanuts 60 anniversary book :D). Nearly 3 days till Christmas, so, Happy Holidays!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Myth guide: Deck Construction

As part of my duty to Diary of a Wizard (you have to make a guide to your school if your a Student teacher) I am gladly beginning my Myth guide! Even though I didn't even nominate or think of winning in the 1st place, thus maybe being granted an exception to the guide part maybe, I want to do it. I love teaching people new strategy! I think of myself as a Wizard101 coach sometimes, often grimacing when I see how big another wizards deck is, with near-useless cards you don't need in your deck which just make your fights longer. A mere month ago I was a big deck-setter, but not anymore (the quicker the fight, the better!) So, here comes Part 1 with more to come every day (hopefully :P). Enjoy and may it be of help to you!


Level 5 (1st boss, Rattlebones at that level) - Lvl 10

(2 Puppet Minions and 2 Pixies instead) Cast a Puppet first thing if possible, then Troll the enemy the Puppet is NOT hitting. If enemy is not dead, wait for pips and Troll it again.

Level 10 - 26

Use Puppet or Trap/Blade (if Trap, do it on the Boss). Next, do the same, cast the Puppet or use a Trap/Blade. If the minion is easy, and the Golem is after it then Troll the minion. After, Mythblade and pack a punch with Cyclops, plus try to have Mythtrap on the Boss too.

Level 26 - 33

Blade first. Next round, try to Mythtrap the Boss, if not, pass or use Sprite. 3rd, likely Froggy is ready to be used now, use Froggy to kill the minion, if you can't yet, then pass or use Sprite. 4th, if Froggy hasn't been used, use it; if you have, play MythBlade. 5th, MythBlade if you haven't, otherwise use Cyclops if you can, if not, pass or Sprite. 6th, use Cyclops if you haven't, if still not dead, kill with a wand spell or simply wait to cast another Frog or Cyclops minion. Pack ONE Cyclops minion in easy boss fights, 2 in hard ones.

Level 33 - ? (whenever you get to Dragonspyre)

(1 Cyclops minion in there too) Keep Satyr just in case. 1st, Mythblade. 2nd, Frog if you can, if not, pass or Sprite. If you did Frog and the minion isn't dead, wand it till it is or wait to Frog again. 3rd, Frog if you haven't (and follow previous note if minion isn't dead) or Mythblade. 4th, Mythblade if you haven't or otherwise shield* or pass. 5th, Cyclops minion if pips allow or Minotaur if pips allow as well; if neither, pass or otherwise shield*. Follow same rules as #5th the rest of the fight!
*shield IF the boss is a Spiritual school -Myth, Death or Life- if Boss isn't, keep shields out of your deck*

Level ? (Beginning DS) - 48

(As asterisked (*) in the previous strategy, from now on put shields in IF the Boss is a Spiritual school, if the Boss isn't, disregard when I say "Shield...")

Level 48 - 60

(4 orthrus in if you are under LVL 58) As said... *Disregard Medusa and Mythtraps if you are under 58. If you are under LVL 55 and don't have Treant, put several more Satyrs, Sprites and Pixies in. Also, forgot about the 2 Star school spells if you aren't the level to get them either, same with Gobbler if you are in between 48-50. Lastly, if you are in between 50 and 58 (don't have Gargantuan) use the next best Sun spell* First, cast MythBlade or a Shield, if over 58, you may also cast a Mythtrap on Boss. 2nd, use one of the Star School spells if you are over 56, if not, pass or Shield. 3rd, Medusa/Orthrus the minion and kill it. 4th, use another MythBlade or Shield. 5th, cast Elemental Blade or a Star school spell. 6th, heal if you need too, otherwise pass or Shield or cast your Amulet spell if you can. 7th, if you didn't heal, cast Orthrus or Medusa on Boss. If not dead, repeat steps, using blades, etc. and heal if necessary, and shielding at the right time if the Boss is Spiritual.

Level 1 - 10

Use Golem Minion right away. 2nd, if the Minion's spell doesnt kill or fizzles, pass. 3rd, either pass and maybe get health by wisps or Pixie. Mana is in low supply at these levels, though! So, Myth has an advantage, as they can defeat any minion in WC (except the toughies and Collosus Blvd. ) without using any Mana.
Level 10 - 26
(several MythBlades also) Strategy stated above. 1st, use Golem to slowly take out 1 of them while killing the one the Golem isn't targeting. IF the Minion has 300+ health, use MythBlade on Cyclops, if between 215-300, feel free to kill w/Cyclops w/no MythBlade. If below 215 health, MythBlade and Troll.
Level 26 - 50 ? (whenever you start Celestia)
(3 Frogs, just in case) Just like Bosses, use Shields IF minions are Spiritual. 1st, Mythblade. 2nd; Frog, Shield, or pass. 3rd; Mythblade if you have Frogged, if you haven't done Frog, then do it now. 4th; Use another Frog or Mythblade...(repeats into 5th)
Level 50 ? (CL start) - 60
Yep. So, put as many of the Sun enchantment you have on your Frogs, and in the same turn MythBlade. IF minions are Spritual, pack a couple shields. 2nd, use Frog with a Sun-enchantment. 3rd, if the minions have below 750 life left, use another Frog w/Sun-enchantment, if you can. If you can't because of pips or no Sun-enchantment in hand, pass, Shield, or MythBlade. If the minions have above 750 life, make sure to MythBlade before Frogging again. Simple enough? Sun-enchantment, Froggy, Mythblade.
All results are simulating you go with Myth and Life as your second school (to Satyr) so only Spiritual shields. I will explain what schools/spells you should train in the next Myth Guide post.

Hangin' with the crowd that came to Mythspent's short party last night. Merry Christmas Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve! (aka Happy Holidays! CAN'T WAIT NOW! :D)

Party + Lifebane

Last night, Icywiz let Stormy have a party for being student of the month IRL and Winter Break (gratz Stormy :))

Friendly's rare Pet Derby Nightwing, wow man! He dressed in a Bacon suit and ran in circles. Productive, huh? And look how many people came! The wizard mob went through the rooms dancing, walking, non-senselessly chatting. Great overall, even Steve Spiritcaller came at the end!

In other news, Mythspent Youth is hosting another little party at 8PM EST tonight ( - I'll learn to set the link in the name one of these days) so expect more fun and pictures!

Today, I farmed for furniture with a bit of success. Celestian Shield (Curuin Charmtooth) and CL Fern (Optio Agenor) and Alric sold me...





Marleybone Driller! Thanks again Ravensinger! I love it, and placed it next to a Jail Cell. Maybe I should craft a Broken Jail Cell instead, might look better :P, the Driller seems to be ready to dismantle it. Also, I made a Mannequin, gave him nice clothes... oh what the heck, here's a picture :)

Looks like an inspecter/worker looking at the Driller. Lots of tools around him (details, details... awesome ones). The problem with it is the Driller isn't moving forward to crush the Cell ;P

Lastly, I could swear a Sprite minion someone casted who came in with me to fight Agenor played Lifebane. Very rare. So, I went on Tarlac and investigated

WHA! I was right! Turns out, I went on Central to post this, but someone had found it out... 10 hours ago. Great timing, huh? But, it also turns out, quite a few knew it casted Lifebane somehow. *shrug* Anyways, Lifebane is an extremely rare treasure card too, you cannot train it. Kevin Battleblood got one from Youkai (Tree of Life) several months ago I remember. But I'm not going to go and farm for that ;P. Little discovery of the day for me, even though its not new. In Gardening, Deadly Flytraps propelled me to Rank 8 (Adept) and I can't wait till they're Elder. We're talking huge rewards that haven't been posted anywhere yet (at least I think. Can't wait till I find out what gives at Elder! Probably 3000 XP, getting me to Grandmaster :D). Kinda curious on what my Trumpet Vines will get too, have 4 growing now. I believe that is all, I'll be off to farm Arachtus Duskweb for that Survey Level and attend Mythspent's party later.

Happy Holidays!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Kraken? Squid?

After a few unlucky fails vs. Mercenaries and a defeat of Karolak Nightspinner, Mycin made it into Stormriven Hall last night! It didn't take too long to get to the end of that, so he is now at the Storm Lord's Temple.

More importantly, I just barely squeezed past the XP bar before Tempus Stormfist, earning the big Level 55! ... And that ugly crafted robe. Thank goodness for spending the rest of your crowns for a decent looking robe afterwards. Looks like a football player dressed the wrong way or something :P.

Kraken statues are scattered around this place, and the huge eye in that gap is a mystery. Every few minutes, a monstrous tentacle, leg, or tail comes out of the canyon thrashing about for a couple moments, above. KRAK-A-BOOM! So, in real life Krakens are an Atlantic Ocean myth, sightings are atribituted to the rare Giant Squid. In this game though, Krakens barely have a resemblance to Squid in looks, dont'cha think? And there are Suction Cup things under the tentacle/arm/tailm, probably ruling out a Leviathan. Just a neat pic to share :) (and check out Mycin's stitched robe. Much improvement.) I've gotten the Crane and Crab Lamp now from CL Furniture, but the Driller keeps eluding me in the Bazaar -_-. Lastly, I never realized FanFics could be so long as I just read TNM (The Necromasters Matter) so far as it is. Thats some really unbelievable writing by Destiny Seagem of the 'Duo of Death', who deserve more hits for that much effort. You don't see me making FanFics that take over an hour to read yet, do you? I've also heard there's a long FanFic of another blogger, Sierra Winterbreeze. I need to make time to read that too. And, if your a blogger who is thinking of shutting down a blog because you simply get no comments, don't. I haven't got a comment in 5 posts, yet I know you guys are out there reading :P (yes, you feel like your talking to yourself in this position, but I know I'm not) Anyways, jus' saying if you have a legitimate reason to shut down a blog (IRL matters for example, as Ze Myth Master and My2Cents just did in terms of Wizard101) then we'll all miss you, but if its just no comments, frustration, I can assure you we read your posts!

Possible snowstorm tomorrow/Sunday. Still not sure if the system is going east out into the ocean or barreling along the coastline. If Track B (the awesome kind! :P) wins, then you can bet there won't be school Monday and maybe Tuesday. *crosses fingers*
Happy Caroling/Planting!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Arlen rocks Britain!

Top O' the evening to all! Tonight, our country of the UK finally got Wizard101 on Beta! So, I made my character, Arlen Dawneyes!

He is very handsome, I say, what? So, everyone supposedly gets Open Chat here, and I met fellow countryman John Spiritshade, exchanging conversation politely.
God save the Queen, indeed!
I hope you all have a good time with us British! And Happy Holidays to the Ravenwood Radio crew, and Paige Moonshade's Gardening tips were excellent, despite us not having it yet. Happy Beta-Testing, young wizards!

Kensington Park soloing and...

Hi wizzies! First off, here's my garden so far, I just killed the Baby Carrots though (No, I am not part of the Mafia, they were innocent -and cute- but my Trumpet Vines needed them out of the way to grow faster). I'm Journeyman (Rank 6) as you see!

Sweetness :). I've finally figured Gardening all out, I'm sure. Oh, see the Dragon Skull? There's a story behind that, which comes at the end... In the meantime, tonight I did a run of Kensington Park. Simple? I went solo. With NO Potions. :D

I got this from the last boss before the 1st Stoker (too lazy to look up the name :P). Who knew Magus wands dropped here? But, its No Trade sadly, so into the Bazaar with you. Anyways, I had some scary moments at first, but it all calmed down, and it was actually...easy.

Why do I love Marleybone? Answer left. That factory is so beautiful it gives me goosebumps looking at it, literally. That's 1/2 hour into my supposed suicide mission :)

A half-hour later. Done. No problem-o! But, it wasn't all for naught (not counting bragging rights, hehe). Take a look. At the HOUSING ITEM OF THE DAY!


Plus, I snagged a Potion Motion -my favorite game- from the Bazaar. My life is complete. Jessica came to YELL HOUSING ITEM OF THE DAY! for me. Those gals are ALMOST out of their Shugo Chara obsession. I think. Anyways, moving on (you can go inside it too! AWESOME-SAUCINESS! And look at the Dog House Alric sold me. Oh, we're moving on? OK...)

I crafted that and the mega-mongous CL Bookshelf too. HI AMBROSE! He's watching you. Just sayin'...
Now, we'll get down to the earlier mystery of the Dragon Skull. How does one obtain this awesome piece of furniture?

That guy has a greeting thats almost better than Talos, I must say. Now *british accent*, we go to the Ol' Haunted Toweh of Dragonspieh, wheh one is lucky to escape... alive..

Yes, its full of glitches. 90% of the battles I did with him I was standing in the middle of the ring.
Plus, you can go through... walls... SEE?

Prepare for this place. Or you will end up a skull on a shelf. You can go through IRON bars, hehe! Also, even though this is a tower, it isn't really a dungeon. You can mark your spot and even change realms at the Vault Protector! Very useful to farm! Where is this place? In the Grand Chasm. That's all I can say. Look it up, because I do not want souls of the damned after me *looks around nervously*. The Dragon Skull, which the Vault Protector drops (3 floors of minions stand in your way, k?) helps any kind of Flytrap, Snow-peas, and Desparagus. Super-useful way to harvest every 2 hours!
We're nearing the end, so I'll tell you how I soloed Kensington Park now.
Deck construction: 3 Gargantuan, 3 Frogs, 2 Mythblades, 1 Spiritblade, Moon Pendant (amulet) and 2 Treant Polymorphs.
Now, for each boss, try your best to kill the minions without doing so to the boss. Now, play a Mythblade, look for the Time of Legend on your Moon Pendant, put a Gargantuan on a Frog and fire away! This, most of the time kills the minions but not the boss. When 1 mob is still fighting (usually boss, although a minion had a Mythshield once so it was him) use the Treant Morph, use Spirit Armor so no damage under 400 is done to you so you lose no health, then heal yourself back to full health! Now, finish off the remaining mob and move on. Thats what I did for each one, and it took me 1 hour, exactly :D. Here's a little guide to Kensington, but it was made almost 2 years ago so don't follow his rules on fighting (follow mine and you shall live! LOL) even though I really admire his ability to go as far as the 1st Stoker as a LVL 46 back then. Just look at how the minions walk, so you do your best walking without getting into annoying extra-robot fights. If you do, don't feel like an idiot because I got into 2 :P. Whoops, here's the link! - - - . Great job and applause to the creator of it! Anyways, if you are not a Myth, just follow the rules I put with your school blade, bubble and 4 pip AoE. For Death and Life, you may just have to hit 1 by 1 with 2 Blades and a Wraith/Centaur, and both may not have to use the Treant Morph, lol. If you don't have Gargantuan, then go without it, although it is really good. It may just take longer, and you may have a better chance at dying. If you don't have the Treant Morph...ouch. It will be almost impossible without the Treant unless you stock 3 potions and Satyrs, or even if you don't have THAT, then Pixies. Lots. Got the guide, the Dragon Skull and the awesome Housing Item of the Day? Great! Incidentally, me and Jessica had never heard of the Camping Tent so I may have to add a Reply to the creator of the MB Furniture Drop-list, because I didn't see it there when I looked then around a month or so ago. (I'm getting into Central, a little bet, heh). YES! I'M DONE! YOUR FREE TO DO WHATEVER YOU WANT NOW! . . . . . Happy Planting and Furniture-finding!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Initiate and stuff

Hey all, so, I crafted a new robe for myself, take a look!

Yup :D, I guess I bought the Storm version on accident, so hurry up with Stormriven to get that Storm wand for me Mycin (which I plan to equip most of the time now). In other news, much new furniture is being discovered! Here's a picture of one (courtesy of John Lifeglen)
The Grand Astrolabe. Sweetness! Some others are - Protector Statue, Wildcrag. MB Drilling Rig (must. have.), Cuthalla. Heck, look under Furniture on Central Forums and go to new Celestian ones, look what they've found :).
Random picture of a glitch I found in my Myth house, was running and this happened. Happened again several times, so had to log out, no trouble since. Good view, eh?
'Gratz Friendly! (I was the 1st to notice, lol)
My garden a few hours ago. It has gotten a lot bigger actually, and Baxter posed with me there :D. So, I'm Initiate - Rank 4. Only Paige, Kevin, and Isaac as I know of have managed to get farther. Now I'm no longer a Gardening Newb ;). *checks clock* 1 1/2 hours till they all harvest again... I also bought some Prickly Bears for later, and a newfound like for them is a Pile of Sand (KT Furniture vendor), got that? Snapdragons REALLY like the Regal Dragon statue (Kraysys - DS) which I am lucky to have. The other new like I think is that Evil Snow Peas like an Ice Obelisk thingy, I'll find that out. Plus, here's a snack I just got from a Boom Shroom, I think (darn, forgot) ---
Its a new one, I think. I DISCOVERED SOMETHING! xD! But, it is cool and I'm probably going to sell it for about 1500 gold, need the gold and I don't really have a shortage of snacks, but there you go. Oh, yea, what else did I do? I crafted...
well, if that doesn't take the cake, I lost the picture.
But, I crafted...
CAROUSEL! Finally! So, I think I finished my hardest crafting piece *puff* and deserve a little break, as soon I craft Mycin's robe ;). Heck, the furniture can wait a little, which is what I only need to craft now, but I might blow something on the CL Bookcase...
anyways, I've also gotten 10 Moss now from Bazaar (seems like more regeants are being sold, from the non-crafting gardening-people) and Harvesting, so yay! That's all for now, so have a great week! Happy Planting!