Sunday, December 5, 2010

O Tannenbaum

I have a lot of stuff to blog about, but I guess I can't come up with post names. So, is that good enough for you? :P This is mainly on that topic.

-I didn't miss the Rudolph special (thank you Fallon D!), but I missed A Charlie Brown Christmas. :(.

-I got a Christmas tree this week! :D

I love those. What beats hauling it in on a cold night and decorating it? (then sleeping by it for the next 3 weeks, don't ask).

In Wizard101 news...
- I need 9 more Grendelweed and, eh, 27 more Springs, I think I used some of those on something else :/. But yea, I'm done with the Lotus, woot! Oh yea, its a Carousel I'm crafting btw.
- I finally have a bit of gold in my pockets, so I can afford everything I want to craft now. Next, I'll need lots buying/collecting the CL wands for each character from the Bazaar. Lastly, I crafted a Pot of Soup and it was a lot smaller for the price it was, oh well. Planning on Mycin-leveling too...

:D. Also, the 1st chance of flurries for me was tonight, but nada. Still jealous of most others getting it early :P (the snow was JUST south of us too. Bleh)
So, have a great Christmas season, its shaping up well. (Can't wait till next weekend when we get our 1st snow. I hope) Till next post, have a

Happy Decorating! (You'll notice I changed the colors for the meantime, I'll try to get a temporary header in soon)


  1. WAIT A MINUTE! They already showed the Charlie Brown Christmas special?!?!?!?!

  2. I'd be happy to whip up a header for you. I love doing that kind of thing. (If you could just e-mail me some pictures of your wizards and other stuff you'd want in it. I'd be all set.) (


Have a splendiferous day! :)