Thursday, December 9, 2010

Regeant Maps and Gardening (LR!)

Where have I been the last few days? Ah, the internet connection went blooey. It turned out there was a simple button we had to press to get this computer to work again (thank you for the simple solution, Best Buy people). So, it wasn't all for naught as I accidently learned how to crop those images and paint them, etc, so I used the time to draw up some regeant maps :D

That is the best Black Lotus route for me in Tatakai Outpost that I mentioned earlier, but there's a map anyways. I added comments, as you see :P

That's my best Stone Block route, mostly for you wanna-be GM Artisans like me (but I'll just need farming the TotS for those Sunstones now)

That's the best Mist Wood route (Orange), and a Scrap Iron haven at the teleporters (Purple) plus, not as many Stone Blocks but still some (Black)

Best Frost Flower place, in the pond by Herkir. Plus, it's also full of Cattails if you need those :D.
A little Wizard101 poster I made
Anyways, I just found that Gardening/CL Furniture is now in the Live Realm! I just bought a few plants to care for, as I'm rather newbie at this (visit if you want tips). Plus, I blew all my gold on starting out on that and most of the new CL furniture (not the craft ones yet). IRL, it was my moms birthday and John Lennons death anniversary, read some interesting articles on him... oh, and I was dragged off for shopping a lot :P. Yea, still checking the weather for snow ;) Happy Planting!

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