Thursday, December 23, 2010

GM Gardener :)

So, after getting home from a half-day of school (WOOT Winter Break!) all my Deadly Fly-guys were Elder! As I was expecting (and hoping!) they gave 3000 GXP o_O

The Rewards. Wraith TC? Woah! (it can only sell for 300 though, so I'd keep it :P). More importantly, look at the badge! Woohoo! For now, I'm going to make a Pink Dandelion garden since they give rare harvest reagents and are pretty easy to take care of. Not just quitting now :).
So, in other news...
Thurston Plunkett is now a frog (suits him right ;P)
I just noticed this, the Legendary Vial used to just give Time of Legend (just like the Black Widow's amulet, but costing more) but I got it as a drop and *jaw-drop* IT HAZ FROG! Way better than my Moon amulet (which I sold. heheheh.) but most of the time I'm still sticking with the Feint one, although this will come in handy on Kensington Park runs. Mycin's getting to 58 soon too! I'll leave you with...

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  1. Congrats on GM gardener!

    Thurstons been a frog for a while too...


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