Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Kensington Park soloing and...

Hi wizzies! First off, here's my garden so far, I just killed the Baby Carrots though (No, I am not part of the Mafia, they were innocent -and cute- but my Trumpet Vines needed them out of the way to grow faster). I'm Journeyman (Rank 6) as you see!

Sweetness :). I've finally figured Gardening all out, I'm sure. Oh, see the Dragon Skull? There's a story behind that, which comes at the end... In the meantime, tonight I did a run of Kensington Park. Simple? I went solo. With NO Potions. :D

I got this from the last boss before the 1st Stoker (too lazy to look up the name :P). Who knew Magus wands dropped here? But, its No Trade sadly, so into the Bazaar with you. Anyways, I had some scary moments at first, but it all calmed down, and it was actually...easy.

Why do I love Marleybone? Answer left. That factory is so beautiful it gives me goosebumps looking at it, literally. That's 1/2 hour into my supposed suicide mission :)

A half-hour later. Done. No problem-o! But, it wasn't all for naught (not counting bragging rights, hehe). Take a look. At the HOUSING ITEM OF THE DAY!


Plus, I snagged a Potion Motion -my favorite game- from the Bazaar. My life is complete. Jessica came to YELL HOUSING ITEM OF THE DAY! for me. Those gals are ALMOST out of their Shugo Chara obsession. I think. Anyways, moving on (you can go inside it too! AWESOME-SAUCINESS! And look at the Dog House Alric sold me. Oh, we're moving on? OK...)

I crafted that and the mega-mongous CL Bookshelf too. HI AMBROSE! He's watching you. Just sayin'...
Now, we'll get down to the earlier mystery of the Dragon Skull. How does one obtain this awesome piece of furniture?

That guy has a greeting thats almost better than Talos, I must say. Now *british accent*, we go to the Ol' Haunted Toweh of Dragonspieh, wheh one is lucky to escape... alive..

Yes, its full of glitches. 90% of the battles I did with him I was standing in the middle of the ring.
Plus, you can go through... walls... SEE?

Prepare for this place. Or you will end up a skull on a shelf. You can go through IRON bars, hehe! Also, even though this is a tower, it isn't really a dungeon. You can mark your spot and even change realms at the Vault Protector! Very useful to farm! Where is this place? In the Grand Chasm. That's all I can say. Look it up, because I do not want souls of the damned after me *looks around nervously*. The Dragon Skull, which the Vault Protector drops (3 floors of minions stand in your way, k?) helps any kind of Flytrap, Snow-peas, and Desparagus. Super-useful way to harvest every 2 hours!
We're nearing the end, so I'll tell you how I soloed Kensington Park now.
Deck construction: 3 Gargantuan, 3 Frogs, 2 Mythblades, 1 Spiritblade, Moon Pendant (amulet) and 2 Treant Polymorphs.
Now, for each boss, try your best to kill the minions without doing so to the boss. Now, play a Mythblade, look for the Time of Legend on your Moon Pendant, put a Gargantuan on a Frog and fire away! This, most of the time kills the minions but not the boss. When 1 mob is still fighting (usually boss, although a minion had a Mythshield once so it was him) use the Treant Morph, use Spirit Armor so no damage under 400 is done to you so you lose no health, then heal yourself back to full health! Now, finish off the remaining mob and move on. Thats what I did for each one, and it took me 1 hour, exactly :D. Here's a little guide to Kensington, but it was made almost 2 years ago so don't follow his rules on fighting (follow mine and you shall live! LOL) even though I really admire his ability to go as far as the 1st Stoker as a LVL 46 back then. Just look at how the minions walk, so you do your best walking without getting into annoying extra-robot fights. If you do, don't feel like an idiot because I got into 2 :P. Whoops, here's the link! - - - . Great job and applause to the creator of it! Anyways, if you are not a Myth, just follow the rules I put with your school blade, bubble and 4 pip AoE. For Death and Life, you may just have to hit 1 by 1 with 2 Blades and a Wraith/Centaur, and both may not have to use the Treant Morph, lol. If you don't have Gargantuan, then go without it, although it is really good. It may just take longer, and you may have a better chance at dying. If you don't have the Treant Morph...ouch. It will be almost impossible without the Treant unless you stock 3 potions and Satyrs, or even if you don't have THAT, then Pixies. Lots. Got the guide, the Dragon Skull and the awesome Housing Item of the Day? Great! Incidentally, me and Jessica had never heard of the Camping Tent so I may have to add a Reply to the creator of the MB Furniture Drop-list, because I didn't see it there when I looked then around a month or so ago. (I'm getting into Central, a little bet, heh). YES! I'M DONE! YOUR FREE TO DO WHATEVER YOU WANT NOW! . . . . . Happy Planting and Furniture-finding!

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