Sunday, December 12, 2010

Initiate and stuff

Hey all, so, I crafted a new robe for myself, take a look!

Yup :D, I guess I bought the Storm version on accident, so hurry up with Stormriven to get that Storm wand for me Mycin (which I plan to equip most of the time now). In other news, much new furniture is being discovered! Here's a picture of one (courtesy of John Lifeglen)
The Grand Astrolabe. Sweetness! Some others are - Protector Statue, Wildcrag. MB Drilling Rig (must. have.), Cuthalla. Heck, look under Furniture on Central Forums and go to new Celestian ones, look what they've found :).
Random picture of a glitch I found in my Myth house, was running and this happened. Happened again several times, so had to log out, no trouble since. Good view, eh?
'Gratz Friendly! (I was the 1st to notice, lol)
My garden a few hours ago. It has gotten a lot bigger actually, and Baxter posed with me there :D. So, I'm Initiate - Rank 4. Only Paige, Kevin, and Isaac as I know of have managed to get farther. Now I'm no longer a Gardening Newb ;). *checks clock* 1 1/2 hours till they all harvest again... I also bought some Prickly Bears for later, and a newfound like for them is a Pile of Sand (KT Furniture vendor), got that? Snapdragons REALLY like the Regal Dragon statue (Kraysys - DS) which I am lucky to have. The other new like I think is that Evil Snow Peas like an Ice Obelisk thingy, I'll find that out. Plus, here's a snack I just got from a Boom Shroom, I think (darn, forgot) ---
Its a new one, I think. I DISCOVERED SOMETHING! xD! But, it is cool and I'm probably going to sell it for about 1500 gold, need the gold and I don't really have a shortage of snacks, but there you go. Oh, yea, what else did I do? I crafted...
well, if that doesn't take the cake, I lost the picture.
But, I crafted...
CAROUSEL! Finally! So, I think I finished my hardest crafting piece *puff* and deserve a little break, as soon I craft Mycin's robe ;). Heck, the furniture can wait a little, which is what I only need to craft now, but I might blow something on the CL Bookcase...
anyways, I've also gotten 10 Moss now from Bazaar (seems like more regeants are being sold, from the non-crafting gardening-people) and Harvesting, so yay! That's all for now, so have a great week! Happy Planting!

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